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  • New Dialer Feature: Call Forwarding


    CRMDialer users can now forward their calls to an external number. For example, a merchant dials your office number and extension and the call will be forwarded to your cell phone if you are out of the office. Each added phone number has to be verified and the user must have an extension assigned to them. […]

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  • New Feature: Call Queue for CRMDialer

    Call Queue

    Clients using the CRMDialer integrated dialer can now set up call queues   Previously, if all dialer users were busy or not answering the phone the caller would be sent to voicemail.   Users can now establish a queue and keep callers on hold until they can answer the call   Each group (ie. support, […]

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  • Featured Funtionality: Appointment Board

    CRMDialer has the ability to track the appointments set by your sales reps and telemarketers. The appointment board can be used as a competitive motivator for call centers.  The appointment board can be put on a TV in a call center and show the callers all their stats for the week. The board tracks appointments […]

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