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  • New Feature: Send And Receive SMS Messages In CRMDialer

    New Feature- Send & Receive SMS Messages 3117

    We are pleased to announce that you can now Send And Receive SMS Messages In CRMDialer, right from the lead form! A business owner that you have established contact with in the past is over 70% more likely to respond to an SMS versus an email in 2017. Need to follow up with an unresponsive prospect? […]

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  • The Benefits Of Upgrading Your Call Center Software

    Call Center Software

    Utilizing a call center is one of the best ways to generate profit in selling credit card processing services. However, much of the software used by call centers today is slow, outdated, or just plain annoying to use, resulting in less-than-optimal sales performance. CRMDialer is here to help, with an integrated phone system that will […]

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  • Dialer Enhancement: Local Presence

    local presence

    CRMDialer is proud to introduce Local Presence to its integrated dialer. CRMDialer users now have the ability to automatically show up as a local phone number on a prospect’s caller ID. When local presence is enabled and you own a phone number with a matching area code to the number being dialed, that phone number […]

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  • New Dialer Feature: Call Forwarding


    CRMDialer users can now forward their calls to an external number. For example, a merchant dials your office number and extension and the call will be forwarded to your cell phone if you are out of the office. Each added phone number has to be verified and the user must have an extension assigned to them. […]

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  • New Feature: Call Queue for CRMDialer

    Call Queue

    Clients using the CRMDialer integrated dialer can now set up call queues   Previously, if all dialer users were busy or not answering the phone the caller would be sent to voicemail.   Users can now establish a queue and keep callers on hold until they can answer the call   Each group (ie. support, […]

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