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  • Imposter Syndrome — I’ve Got It, and I’m Working On It

    When I first learned about the idea of Imposter Syndrome a few years ago, I thought, “Well, damn. That’s exactly what I’ve been living with most of my life.” My Imposter Syndrome story runs deep, and has generated a confusing array of emotions over time — fear, pride, guilt, uncertainty, and even a strange sense of confidence. Through […]

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  • Are we already living in a virtual world?

    “Virtual reality” might seem like a new concept, but are we already living inside a virtual world? How do we balance spending time in these technological worlds versus the “real” world? The Mission Newsletter, 5/22/18 “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words but to live […]

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  • The Next Great Tech Transformation

    The Mission Newsletter, 5/9/18 “Storytelling offers the opportunity to talk with your audience, not at them.” ―Laura Holloway Submit Your Answer to Win Cool Prizes. News That Matters Health Fasting Wins Again: A new study conducted by researchers at MIT has found that fasting can ‘dramatically’ boost stem cells’ ability to regenerate. “This study provided evidence that fasting induces […]

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  • CRMDialer: An Alternative Competitor to Five9 and Twilio

    Not all dialers are the same. CRMDialer is one of the industry’s fiercest competitors, and the best way to see how it measures up is to view it alongside other popular products like Five9 and Twilio. So, sit back and prepare to take it all in. This guide breaks down all the important components, from […]

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  • Meet CRMDialer’s Revolutionary New Feature: Visitor Tracking

    Visitor Tracking

    At TRANSACT 18 – one of the largest industry events of its kind – held from April 17 through April 19 in Las Vegas, CRMDialer announced its newest features: website visitor tracking. Now that we’ve unveiled it, we want to help you get to know this dynamic feature a little better. But first, consider this […]

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