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  • CRMDialer: An Alternative Competitor to Asterisk PBX

    CRMDialer: An Alternative

    For busy call centers and bustling sales organizations, having a powerful dialer loaded with the right features is like having the right engine in a vehicle — it keeps everything moving at peak performance and makes your lead management a breeze. Think about it. Your sales representatives do everything from managing leads to contacting prospects, […]

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  • New Enhancement: CRM Speech Commands

    Your favorite Merchant Services CRM now supports Speech Commands!!   You can now open a specific CRMDIALER page, create a new task, add a lead note, and perform a bunch of other actions by simply speaking commands into your microphone.   CRMDIALER already comes with a speech-to-text functionality, as announced in our previous CRM Speech Recognition post. […]

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  • New Feature: CRMDialer & Microsoft Outlook For Office 365 Calendar Integration

    We are excited to announce the release of our Microsoft Outlook For Office 365 Calendar Integration with your Merchant Services CRM! Watch your CRMDialer Calendar tasks and appointments appear in Outlook Calendar instantly and vice versa. Your Outlook events can now automatically pull in the important Lead information from CRMDialer, including the Lead’s contact person, phone, […]

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