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  • Mortgage Broker Sales Techniques – How to Improve Your Sales Techniques and Close More Deals

    Mortgage Broker Sales Techniques

    Selling mortgage brokerage services should be easy. There really isn’t any reason anyone should ever deal directly with a bank or lender when they could be engaging an expert broker to do it on their behalf. Despite that, many brokers struggle with the sales process, and prospects that should easily be converted to clients end […]

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  • 5 of the Most Profitable Solar Business Opportunities

    Solar Business Opportunities

    The solar industry is exploding, and more and more entrepreneurs are looking to break into it to grab a slice of the pie while there is still ample room for new, small players. The most obvious opportunity is in hardware sales – providing the panels, batteries, and other system components necessary to make solar systems […]

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  • The Ideal Mortgage Broker Sales Process and How Customer Resource Management Can Help

    Mortgage Broker Sales

    The sales process in a brokerage is unique, in that you’re essentially selling prospects a beneficial service at no cost to them. But, at the same time, it’s also essentially identical to the sales process in every other industry. Brokers need to find leads, qualify them, make contact and sell the service while handling prospect […]

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  • Solar CRM Software – How Customer Resource Management Can Help Solar Technology Retailers

    Solar Energy Sales

    Solar technology adoption is growing rapidly, and as more consumers enter the market in search of renewable energy solutions, more and more opportunity exists for new solar technology retailers. But the solar industry represents an interesting dynamic. New businesses are entering to fill the ever-growing demand, but at the same time, equipment prices are constantly […]

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  • The Sales Skills That Matter Most for Real Estate Professionals

    Real Estate Sales

    Real estate represents a unique sales environment in that a single agent can be responsible for two totally different and, in many ways, opposite sales processes. Real estate professionals representing a homeowner has a more traditional sales job. The same agent, when representing a buyer, is still in a sales position, but one with a […]

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