• Make Your Sales Calls More Trustworthy with a Local Phone Number

    Local Number

    Phone sales and telemarketing are still two of the most powerful tools available to sales organizations today. But both are numbers games, in which the key to success is making a large number of calls and then squeezing out every fraction of a percent of conversion rate possible. But high-volume calling is pointless if agents […]

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  • Solar Sales & Tech – Trends to Watch in 2020

    Solar Sales & Tech

    With each passing year, the issues facing our planet and the problems with our dependence on fossil fuels become clearer and clearer. It’s no surprise that as that happens, the popularity and acceptance of solar power among both industrial and consumer markets continue to grow. 2020 promises to be another banner year for the solar […]

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  • Lead Management and Conversion – How Taking Better Care of Your Leads Can Help Turn More of Them into Paying Customers

    Lead Management and Conversion

    Ask any salesperson what they value most in their jobs, and they’ll probably tell you that it’s a hot lead. Effective lead management, from development right through to closing a deal, makes everyone’s job easier. It also ensures an effective, efficient sales process can be delivered to each and every prospect, greatly increasing the odds […]

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  • Beat Your Best Sales Numbers In 2020

    Beat Your Best Sales Numbers In 2020

    The sales environment becomes more and more competitive each year as customers’ expectations for personalization and service increase. But with a little refinement in your sales process and some help from the newest sales tech, there is no reason 2020 can’t be your best year to date. The following are four easy, but highly effective […]

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  • What is SMS Marketing and Why Is It So Effective?

    SMS Marketing

    Cell phones are ubiquitous, with penetration well over 80% in the United States and even higher among younger adults – a demographic of immense importance thanks to their high levels of disposable income. With cell phones now such an important and indispensable part of everyday life, it’s no surprise that marketers are increasingly looking for […]

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