We have just introduced a new Auto Edit Mode option in the email template management!


With this option, the CRM email templates can now be opened automatically in edit-mode using the Quick Email button.


In this way, the users are now able to make edits in the email quicker, without having to make changes in the email template!


Enabling the Auto Edit Mode


To enable the Auto Edit Mode for a specific email template, navigate to your email templates via Manage > Administration > Email > Email Templates. Locate the template you wish to edit and then click on the Edit button:


Edit Template


Once the template opens, click on More Options:


More Options


Now select the Auto Edit Mode checkbox and save and close the template settings:


Auto Edit Mode


With the changes saved, users can now create emails normally using the Quick Email button:


Quick Email


Once the email popup is launched, the edit mode will be enabled and the user can write or change the email content:


Quick Email


The Auto Edit Mode feature can be enabled on Quick (Lead) Email templates and the Proposal Email templates.


Stay tuned for more updates and improvements coming soon!!


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