There is a fundamental truth that startups need to understand about SEO: Today, Google rewards content creators for going deep.

If your SEO strategy involves trying to rank for a bunch of random keywords, you are wasting your time. Pick your topics carefully and create clusters of content. Less really can be much, much more.

And if you want to know exactly (really exactly…like there is very little guesswork here) how you should be executing an SEO strategy like this, this is the single resource that you need…


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Aja Frost played a pivotal role in helping HubSpot exit its year long blog traffic plateau (you can read about that here). She is smart, strategic, and insanely practical in how she thinks about SEO and content creation. Her advice is ?.

If I were doing content strategy for a startup right now this would be my holy book. I would memorize this entire presentation, following each step religiously. I would print out the slides and keep a bound copy at my desk and sleep with another copy under my pillow at night.

There is so much crappy content advice out there, SEO hucksters who crow about “growing a blog from 0–100,000!” and have put zero thought into how that traffic translates to business growth. Ignore them. This is all you need to know.

There are other types of content your startup will need to create: press releases, new hire announcements, emails, and lead-gen campaigns. But when it comes to building your baseline organic search traffic — this 25 minute webinar covers everything that matters.

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ok fine, here’s the slide deck, but don’t be lazy — watch the damn video!

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