Your favorite Merchant Services CRM now supports Speech Commands!!


You can now open a specific CRMDIALER page, create a new task, add a lead note, and perform a bunch of other actions by simply speaking commands into your microphone.


CRMDIALER already comes with a speech-to-text functionality, as announced in our previous CRM Speech Recognition post.

With the new enhancement though, we’ve taken the speech recognition feature one step further and enabled you to control the most common CRMDIALER functions using just your speech!


When you wish to send a command to CRMDIALER simply click on the microphone icon in the top-right corner:


Mic icon


Alternatively, you can also turn on the microphone using the Ctrl+Shift+S shortcut on Windows or the +Shift+S shortcut on Mac.

After the microphone is turned on you will hear a beep sound and the microphone icon will turn red. After that you can speak your command:



Mic icon ON


Start by saying “Help”, which is the command for displaying a list of all available speech commands. The command list will be shown in a popup window as shown in this screenshot:


Help Command


Feel free to experiment with all of the available commands and experience a whole new level of interaction with CRMDIALER!

A more detailed description of each command is available in our Speech Recognition knowledge base article.


Way cool, right? We hope the new functionality makes your daily repetitive tasks faster and more fun!


More cool updates are coming soon so stay tuned!



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