Your favorite Merchant Services CRM has just been updated with a new feature — the automated CRM email validation! You can now ensure that your emails are being sent out to valid email addresses and improve your email delivery rates!


The email validation process is based on ZeroBounce, a leading email validation service. While ZeroBounce typically provides excellent email validation results, it is important to note that no email can be validated with a 100% accuracy without sending an actual email to the recipient.

Also note that the ZeroBounce service is provided free of charge for the first 50,000 email validation requests. After the 50,000th mark, each subsequent request is charged at $0.03.


There are several places in CRMDialer where you can perform the email validation. These include:

  • Email validation from a Lead email field
  • Email validation from the Quick Email popup
  • Email validation in the Lead importer


Let’s take a closer look at each of these!


Email Validation From a Lead Email Field


To validate an email from a Lead email field, enter an email address in the field and click on the “Validate Email” button shown next to the field:


Validate Email


If the email is successfully validated, then an “Email is valid” confirmation message will be shown in the top right corner, as shown in this image:


Email is valid


Additionally, a green icon will appear next to the email, indicating a valid email:


Green icon


If the email is invalid, then an “Email is invalid” message will be shown:


Email is invalid


A similar message will be shown if the email has been identified as a potential spamtrap:


address is a spamtrap and should not be emailed


If an email has been found to be invalid, then a red icon will appear next to the email, indicating an invalid email:


Red icon


If the email address cannot be validated using any of the available validation methods, then the below message will be shown:


Address is impossible to validate without sending a real email


If the email validation server is temporarily unavailable, then a “Service Unavailable” message will be shown:


Service unavailable


Email Validation From the Quick Email Popup


To validate one or more emails from the Quick Email popup, click on the “Validate” button next to the “Contact Email” box:


Quick Email Validate


Each email you entered will now be validated and the validation results will be shown below the “Contact Email” box.


Quick email shows valid/invalid addresses



To see an explanation of each result, hover over the question mark with your mouse for any of the validated emails:


Email Validation in the Lead Importer


Email validation can also be performed automatically when you import leads into CRMDialer from a CSV file. For more information on importing leads into CRMDialer please see our Lead Importer knowledge base article.

After you’ve uploaded your CSV file and selected the import defaults, you will need to map CSV columns to the corresponding Lead fields. If the field being mapped to is an email field, then you will find the “Delete Invalid Emails” checkbox in the field mapping options, as shown in the below image:


Email validation in the lead importer


If you leave the checkbox selected and run your import, each email address in your CSV file will be validated. If an email is found to be invalid, it will not be imported in CRMDialer.

After your import is completed, the import report will show the number of emails that were found to be invalid:


Email Validation Summary upon import


To view the invalid emails, click on the Total Invalid Emails number (shown in the previous image) and a new report will pop up showing more information on the failed emails:


Total Invalid Emails number


And that’s about it. We hope you find the new feature helpful!


Stay tuned for more improvements and features coming soon!!


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