The all-new CRMDIALER Gmail Integration is now here!


Connect your Gmail account to CRMDIALER in a few easy steps to begin sending and receiving emails right away!


All inbound and outbound emails will appear in CRMDIALER as new Lead Notes, including all email attachments and inline images.


Additionally, CRMDIALER is able to accept direct emails to internal email addresses like for Helpdesk Ticket creation and/or comments.  Replies sent to these emails will have the responses posted directly to the corresponding ticket.


Here’s how the Gmail CRM integration functionality works.


Connecting Your Gmail Account


To connect a new Gmail account to your CRMDIALER account click on your username in the top-right corner and click Settings:


Settings Tab


On your Settings page, click Manage Emails:


My Account


A popup will now appear which you can use for adding multiple email accounts to your CRMDIALER account.

To add a new Gmail account, click on the Gmail icon:


Add new email address


You will now be transferred to the Gmail authentication page where you can select the account that you wish to sync.

Select your default Gmail account, or click Use Another Account to select a different account:


Choose an account


After you’ve selected the desired account, click Allow:


Gmail Auth


With that, your Gmail account connection will be complete and you’ll find your new account on the list of additional account emails:


Manage Emails


Click on the Gear icon to change your Sender Name or to set the new Gmail account as your primary CRMDialer email account:


Primary Email


To delete a Gmail account at any point, click on the red “Delete” icon shown next to the Gear icon.


If you are an administrator enabling a new Gmail connection for one of your users, you can do so using the Manage > User Accounts menu.


Sending And Receiving Emails With Gmail


Once you’ve connected your Gmail account to CRMDIALER, you’re ready to start sending emails.

Select the Gmail account in the Sender Email drop-down (if you haven’t set it up as the primary account) and send your email normally:


Quick Email


When you receive a reply, there will be a notification and you can hit the Reply button on the message to respond immediately:


Email Received


Aside from seeing this popup notification, the incoming email will also appear in your Lead as a new note and be accessible historically.

You can view the HTML contents of emails by clicking on the envelope icon (in the top right corner of the note) or reply/forward the email via the Reply button:


Gmail Reply



Enabling Gmail In Group Settings


The Group Settings feature provides you with an easy way of incorporating email responses to Group notifications.  In the past, these comments had to be posted into a Lead or Helpdesk ticket while being logged into CRMDIALER.

With our latest enhancements, Lead Update emails and Helpdesk Update emails can now be replied to by email and the response will post to the appropriate section automatically.

For more information on this feature please see our CRM Sales Group Email Branding article.


To link a Gmail account to your Group for Leads using the Group Settings, go to Manage > Administration > Users & Groups > Manage Groups and open the group that you wish to edit.

In the Group Settings go to the Link Leads to Gmail setting, click on the Link button, select the Group(s) to which the new setting will be applied, and authenticate your Gmail account:




The Gmail authentication procedure is the same as described earlier in this article.

Once the authentication is completed, the Gmail address will be shown on the Link Leads to Gmail setting:


Link to Gmail


A similar procedure is followed when you’re linking a Gmail account to your Helpdesk. There is just one additional step, and that is to select the default Helpdesk Ticket Type:


Helpdesk Ticket Type

Create New Helpdesk Tickets Using Inbound Emails

Create New Helpdesk Tickets Using Inbound Emails

The ticket type that you select in the Group settings will be used to create new tickets when inbound emails are received. Tickets will be created under this ticket type when an email is sent to the Helpdesk Gmail address, and the email is not related to an existing ticket.


CRMDIALER will now automatically create tickets when new emails are received by the linked Gmail address.  New tickets will be created under your configured ticket type and the corresponding users will be notified when a new ticket is created.  We recommend making a ticket type called “Inbound Email Received” and setting an SLA of 1 day.


Note: Automatically creating new tickets is a huge plus for organizations that would like their clients to have the ability to submit tickets by email without logging into CRMDIALER.


After linking your Leads and Helpdesk to your Gmail accounts, all new Lead and Helpdesk ticket updates will be sent to the group members from the new Gmail addresses.


When a user replies to a Lead update sent from the linked Gmail address, a new Note will be automatically added to the Lead with the user’s comments.

Similarly, when a user replies to a Helpdesk update, a new comment will be added to the Helpdesk ticket automatically.


We hope the new Gmail integration adds an extra dose of flexibility and convenience to your team!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming soon!


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