• How to Better Organize Your Leads


    Do you want to sell more? Increase your bottom line? There’s a sure-fire way to do all that and more by organizing your prospects and tending to your pipeline. The only way is with effective lead management. Sounds simple, right? Some interesting research recently painted a surprising picture of the current sales climate. According to […]

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  • Visitor Tracking: Client Behavior Insight

    Visitor Tracking

    A few years ago, Entrepreneur published an article about the importance of talking less during the sales process. In fact, research suggests that while the average sales professional does more than 80 percent of the talking, it costs big time when it comes to actually close the deal. Understand your prospect with a website visitor […]

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  • CRMDialer: The Ideal Solution For Startups

    business startup

    As a startup, you think you don’t need a CRM because you’re still in the early phases of getting your business off the ground? Don’t fall into that trap.   Too many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of having amazing tools like CRMDialer, thinking that it can wait, that they need more data or a defined target […]

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  • Support Center Basics, CRM 101

    Support Center

    Customer service support is a tough but rewarding business. You often walk the line between calming down frustrated (and sometimes angry) customers, solving issues and trying to be as efficient as possible. The hustle of a busy support center isn’t the only hurdle. Some of the other big challenges most support centers face include: Customer […]

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  • Why Salesforce Uses Too Many 3rd Party Services To Achieve Payments Acceptance?

    Online Payment Processing

    One look at the payment processing solutions listed on the Salesforce store, and you’ll see there are tons of third-party options. In fact, there are more than 40 third-party services used by Salesforce customers to achieve payment acceptance. Call us crazy, but we’re fans of a simpler, more streamlined approach. Third-party services are great. After […]

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