• Know Your Power Dialer

    Know your Power Dialer

    CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer is one of the reasons the system stands out as the top customer resource management tool on the market today. The ability to make calls directly through the CRM is a game-changer that provides agents with full and instantaneous access to complete customer data before, during, and after sales calls. But […]

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  • Lead Management CRM 101

    Lead Management CRM 101

    Leads can be collected and managed in any number of ways. Once upon a time, salespeople kept index cards in a Rolodex. Later, they used spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel. Today, far more advanced systems exist, and arguably none is more advanced or as effective as lead management CRM software.  CRM platforms take lead management […]

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  • Can a CRM Work as a Debt Collection Tool?

    Can a CRM Work as a Debt Collection Tool?

    Debt collection is effectively a sales environment, but one in which the prospect on the other end isn’t just ambivalent, but is often downright hostile to the idea of paying, making the job of debt collection agents extremely difficult. Customer resource management (CRM) tools are designed specifically to enhance lead management and the sales process, […]

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  • How to Use a Power Dialer CRM in Sales

    How to Use a Power Dialer CRM in Sales

    A power dialer CRM is one of the most effective tools sales organizations can leverage to streamline their daily tasks and develop a competitive edge, combining the many benefits of stand-alone dialers and customer resource management (CRM) platforms into a single piece of software. But, like any sales software, a power dialer CRM is just […]

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  • What is Local Presence?

    What is Local Presence? A Brief Guide

    Local presence is a feature included in some power dialers that allows users to change the outgoing number they’re calling from in order to boost answer rates when making out-of-area calls, tailoring their number to match the local area code of the prospect.   Why is Local Presence Necessary? Consumers today are bombarded by advertising every […]

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