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  • Driven to Distraction  - The future of car safety

    Driven to Distraction  –  The future of car safety If you haven’t gotten a new car in a while you may not have noticed that the future of the dashboard looks like this: That’s it. A single screen replacing all the dashboard gauges, knobs and switches. But behind that screen is an increasing level of automation that […]

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  • What Startups Need to Know About Regulated Markets

    Often the opposite of disruption is the status quo. What Startups Need to Know About Regulated Markets. If you’re a startup trying to disrupt an existing business you need to read The Fixerby Bradley Tusk and Regulatory Hacking by Evan Burfield. These two books, one by a practitioner, the other by an investor, are must-reads. The Fixer […]

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  • The Apple Watch  –  Tipping Point Time for Healthcare

    The Apple Watch — Tipping Point Time for Healthcare I don’t own an Apple Watch. I do have a Fitbit. But the Apple Watch 4 announcement intrigued me in a way no other product has since the original IPhone. This wasn’t just another product announcement from Apple. It heralded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) […]

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  • Why Can’t Nestle Produce Another Nespresso? | Profit Talk

    Nespresso was a breakout hit for Nestle and for a long time its biggest profit contributor. Yet, the innovative business model and value proposition was launched over 30 years ago. Since then, the largest food & beverage company in the world seems unable to produce a similar home run. Here’s why. You can’t create a multi-billion […]

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  • Aligning Your Marketing + Customer Success Teams

    A few years ago, HubSpot didn’t have a customer marketing team. We did customer marketing, but the activities were decentralized across multiple teams with no clear owners. So when I joined the company, one of my first initiatives was to advocate for creating and staffing a customer marketing team. I got some pushback initially. I […]

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