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Is there anything more annoying than having your ad rejected because you missed one stupid little detail?

I run a ton of social ads across Facebook and Twitter promoting my company’s content. Ad sizes, specs and requirements change so often it can be a real drag trying to keep up with them.

For example, Facebook has changed their minds more than a few times about the amount of text allowed in their ads. As their advertisers’ needs have changed and they’ve experimented with ad formats, Facebook has at times allowed more text than at others. Right now, you’re allowed up to 20% text on your ad, but they’ll make exceptions if the ad features a product image or a book cover.

There are also a crazy amount of ad formats on Facebook now, many with different specs and sizes. Page Like ads, for example, are 1200 x 444, while Click to Website Conversion ads display best at 1200 x 628. It’s not a huge difference, but your ad will look skewed or have parts cut off if you don’t have your dimensions right during design.

I’ve been experimenting with Instagram ads and am loving the options, so far. It’s much simpler than Facebook, with just three ad sizes (at time of writing.) You can expect this to grow and expand as the network matures, but right now their ad dimensions are either 1200 x 628, 1080 x 1080, or 1936 x 1936.

Bannersnack recently put out an epic compilation of social ads sizes and specs, with dimensions for ads on:

Keep it handy! You know many of these will change by next year, but that’s what keeps the social ad space so exciting. For now, every time you want to make an ad to promote your content, send people to your website or even make a sale, you’ll have a quick reference and get it right the first time.

Check it out:

Image credit: Bannersnack

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