We wanted to build a tool that would help sales reps win back their time. A software that allowed teams to focus on talking to more people than, dare I say it, enjoy the thrill of sales, again!

Dimitri Akhrin

Founder and President

Dimitri Akhrin
Reps on board
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We needed to provide a way to spend less time
preparing to sell than actually selling

CRMDialer started as a side project at our sister company: Bank Associates Merchant Services.

We were doing great at BAMS. Sales were growing. But it was all sustained on the endless hours we put into the business. We needed a software that helped us work smarter, not harder. Problem is, nothing on the market would come close to what we needed in order to grow the business.

Our solution? Let's build it ourselves.

It took us the best of two years to build and perfect the software. BAMS' sales prospered on the back of it.

We didn't even realize other businesses would want to use it, until we noticed people on trade events looking at our computers and asking what software we were using.

We had inadventently created demand for something we only meant to use internally.

CRMDialer ramps up your inbound and outbound sales

If you feel like you are missing the piece that brings all of your sales data into a single place so you can work smarter... why don't you give CRMDialer a chance?

You might be surprised–just as we were–to find out it was exactly what you were looking for.

CRMDialer ramps up your inbound and outbound sales

Automate sales busywork.
Focus on your customers.



Let's uncomplicate sales


Keep it simple

Simple beats complicated. Working with a single system to manage your sales it's easier than connecting a handful of tools together.

Your software should mimic the way you go about sales. If you like to keep it simple, your CRM should too.


Focus on growth

CRMDialer is most valuable for companies with an existing sales team that wishes to unify their daily outreach process, taking already great salespeople and putting them on hyperdrive.

At CRMDialer, we love sales and we are focused on helping you grow.


Sales and support

We want to help teams make sales more human, spending more time speaking with customers and focusing on their challenges.

Our customer service is built upon the same principle. Providing stellar customer support is one of our core values at CRMDialer.


Keep it fun

Work does not have to be a grind! We engage and encourage comradery across the organization to make sure that everyone feels included and has their pulse to the company.

Peer engagement is very important to us, especially for our remote teammates.

Featured in Bloomberg Television

As seen on The American Dream

CRMDialer takes all the sales, marketing and support functions of enterprise solutions, adds flexibility and integrated communication tools, and makes them available to organizations of all sizes. CRMDialer helps its users communicate and collaborate more effectively, close more deals and work better together.

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CRMDialer Team Collage

Meet the people behind our success!

Founder and President

Dimitri Akhrin

Dimitri Akhrin×

Dimitri Akhrin is the president of both IRIS CRM, the most advanced independent payment processing CRM on the market, and CRMDialer, a sophisticated telemarketing platform for small and mid-level businesses. He is passionate about sales leadership, keeping clients happy and how the future of CRM is evolving. Dimitri founded IRIS CRM in 2010 and CRMDialer in 2018.

With more than 17 years of industry experience and a deep understanding of being a hands-on manager, Dimitri is a recognized leader in the payment processing and Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM space. He is a problem solver and identified a gap to create a business management system capable of communicating with multiple payment networks. Dimitri truly understands specific pain points that Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) experience while developing technology systems and how to create tools to address their unique needs. After years of careful research and development, IRIS CRM was born and today the company serves more than 100 ISOs and even powers CRMDialer’s software.

Prior to IRIS CRM, Dimitri founded BAMS.com. He has served as president of the company for more than 12 years and continues to oversee the day-to-day operations of the full service electronic payments solution provider.

Dimitri holds a Bachelor's degree in Business and Technology Management from New York University's Tandon School of Engineering.

Leadership Team

Jaron Ruckman
Lead of Product

Jaron Ruckman×

Jaron is an expert at delivering enterprise-level support and spends his time onboarding and training clients, providing software support and testing new features. Jaron also works with the development team to design a fluid user experience.

Leonid Shumakov
Lead Developer & Software Architect

Leonid Shumakov×

Leonid has more than 10 years of software development experience and leads new processor integration at IRIS CRM. Leonid is a math genius (although he will not admit it) and has the capacity to quickly solve complex problems involving large datasets.

Ivan Szabo
VP of Marketing

Ivan Szabo×

Ivan has more than 10 years of experience providing digital marketing and e-commerce solutions. Ivan loves being creative and improving social media channels and planning new marketing campaigns.

Dmitriy Sirant
Dev Ops Lead

Dmitriy Sirant×

Dmitriy has over 20 years in system administration. Dmitriy embraced DevOps in 2010 and succeeded in troubleshooting, architecture design and optimization, automated deployment, Kubernetes cluster creation, microservices, and IaC infrastructures building.

Viktoriya Belakhovskaya
Customer Success Manager

Viktoriya Belakhovskaya×

Viktoriya operates as a Customer Success Specialist. She has 7 years of customer service experience making sure that the customers needs always come first. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and lounging around with her cat.

Luis Feliz
Support Lead

Luis Feliz×

Luis has over 15 years in the customer service industry. His number one goal is to always provide excellent customer service to every client and have them feel happy and important at the end. In his spare time, Luis enjoys spending time with his family and loves playing sports like basketball, baseball, and running.

Marco Buchmayer
Project Manager

Marco Buchmayer×

Marco has 3 years of experience managing enterprise software projects. He loves interacting with clients and colleagues to provide solutions in order to improve the product. Outside of work he loves to travel, cook (mainly eat what was cooked), and play with his puppy Kylo (Ren).

Oksana Lysionik
Project Manager

Oksana Lysionik×

Oksana has been a Project Manager for 5 years, so she knows how to develop processes to organize teams in order to go live successfully and on time. For her, being a Project Manager is not a job, but a vocation. Outside of work, she loves dancing and teaching.

Alina Serdiuk
Lead of QA

Alina Serdiuk×

Alina is interested in the IT industry and especially in the field of quality assurance. She takes great pride in her work. She is really keen on video games, reading books, and traveling.

Firat Ozak
Project Manager

Firat Ozak×

Firat has 10 years of project management experience focused on enterprise SaaS systems. He loves finding simple solutions to complex problems using data. In his free time he researches history and writes Wikipedia articles about ships.

Support Operations Team

David Conrad
Senior Support Specialist

David Conrad×

David is an IT specialist with a long career focused on client support services. He works with clients to implement processor integrations and improvements to merchant portfolio management.

Mario Pavic
Support Specialist

Mario Pavic×

Mario has over 10 years of inside sales experience in the IT sector. His many skills include sales and technical writing and data processing. Mario thinks that "An SQL query walks into a bar, sees two tables and asks them, may I join you?" is funny.

Danial Abid
Sales Engineer

Danial Abid×

Danial has over 5 years of sales experience in multiple industries. Daniel likes working with businesses to help them find tailored solutions. In his spare time, Danial enjoys reading motivational books, attending the annual International Auto Show and spending time with his family.

Tina Koriakina
Software QA

Tina Koriakina×

Tina is a friendly and energetic person. She loves communicating with teammates to collaborate and solve problems for clients. Her favorite part of working with a team of people is gaining skills and knowledge from others. Tina’s motto is “To always do her best!”

Juliia Arlamovska
Software QA

Juliia Arlamovska×

Mohamad Kassim
Data Analyst

Mohamad Kassim×

Mohamad has been a data analyst for more than three years. Mohamad excels at Excel and provides excellent residuals management solutions at IRIS CRM. Mohamad enjoys playing video games and reading self-improvement books whenever he is not busy crunching numbers.

Mohsin Ijaz
Web Designer

Mohsin Ijaz×

Zoia Labuzova
Product Designer

Zoia Labuzova×

Hanna P.
Software QA

Hanna P.×

Hanna is a detail-oriented QA specialist who is a reliable, team player that is always looking to learn something new. In her spare time, she loves doing puzzles and playing board games with friends.

Rob De Leon
Support Specialist

Rob De Leon×

Rob has 3 years of experience providing software support and training. As a techie, Rob enjoys constantly learning about the latest gadgets, electronics, and computer hardware. In his spare time, Rob enjoys trying new food, PC gaming, tinkering and learning about cars, and regular workouts.

John Cloutier
Support Specialist

John Cloutier×

John is a dedicated team player with over 15 years of experience delivering and supporting complex Web-based application solutions. In his spare time, John enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, sports, movies, and hiking local conservation trails.

Neal Zeleznak
Support Specialist

Neal Zeleznak×

Neal is a passionate support specialist that brings with him a background in finance and accounting, in addition to 4 years of software support experience. He is a people person who enjoys concert going and never leaves home without his camera.

Sergiy Gogol
Website QA

Sergiy Gogol×

Sergiy is an experienced software and website Quality Assurance specialist who likes to make things better, this goes beyond his job of QA as well. In his free time, Sergiy enjoys playing volleyball & ping-pong, studying psychology & logic, reading, and traveling.

Development Team

Kirill A.

Kirill A.×

Kirill has 15 years experience in software development. He focuses on back-end tasks using PHP, MySQL, Redis, ElasticSearch, jQuery and JavaScript. When Kirill is not pushing out code, he is a great husband and father of three.

Pablo T.

Pablo T.×

Pablo has more than 7 years of software development experience and always strives to find the simplest yet most effective solutions to complex problems. He focuses on leading the integration efforts of new payment processors and IRIS CRM.

Giorgi G.

Giorgi G.×

Giorgi has more than 10 years of software development experience. He has a vibrant passion for AI design and business intelligence insights. Giorgi hopes to one day develop an algorithm to choose tomorrow's winning lottery numbers.

Gary L.

Gary L.×

Gary built the page that you are currently reading. He works with the design and marketing teams to implement UI and UX designs. In his free time, Gary enjoys reading books and watching nature documentaries.

Igor R.

Igor R.×

Igor brings more than 6 years of development experience. Igor is a curious individual, self-motivated and loves to provide added value by contributing his vision into projects. Igor loves to organize events and sings for pleasure.

Ruslan K.

Ruslan K.×

Ruslan focuses on back-end development and brings almost 5 years of experience to the team. Ruslan likes learning about new approaches in development. Ruslan loves watching scientific videos about the universe and history. Ruslan stays active by being an avid hiker and basketball player.

Sergey K.
Dev Ops Engineer

Sergey K.×

Sergey is a DevOps Engineer with over 10 years of experience in the IT industry. He considers himself a technical geek with a passion for studying new technologies and devices. Sergey loves hiking, riding his bike and having an active lifestyle.

Alexandr S.

Alexandr S.×

Alexander has 9 years of commercial software development experience. He specializes in the implementation of back-end technologies. His hobbies revolve around books and electronics.

Oleh H.

Oleh H.×

Oleh started coding eight years ago and has made it one of his life's passions. He enjoys solving interesting problems and learning new things every day. Oleh loves to travel and spend time with his family.

Dev Ops Engineer


Anton is a Dev Ops Engineer with more than 10 years of experience ranging from development to system administration. Looking at things from a coding perspective, KISS and DRY are methodologies that Anton loves to implement into automation and architecture designs.



Maksym has more than 5 years of software development experience. Maksym loves to learn and implement new technologies. Maksym is passionate about IT and enjoys bike riding during his spare time.

Sergey G.

Sergey G.×

Sergey has 15 years of experience in software development, web technologies, various programming languages, and tools. Sergey is interested in scientific materials and believes that a good day is a day when something new is learned.

Slava P.

Slava P.×

Slava is a back-end and front-end developer with more than 10 years of experience in developing and 15 years of experience in IT. Slava likes playing video games, reading books, and biking.

Marc N.

Marc N.×

Marc has more than 10 years of software development experience with a focus on back-end integrations. When Marc is not working, he is a great husband and father of two kids and enjoys playing sports and juggling.

Rafal W.

Rafal W.×

Rafal is passionate about new technologies and a programming lover since his first Atari 65XE. Rafal has been a PHP programmer since 2009. Rafal loves solving business problems with the help of IT. Rafal is a happy father and loves spending time with his daughter.

Slava T.

Slava T.×

Slava has more than 10 years of software development experience. Slava is open-minded to new technology, ideas, and people. Slava enjoys working with payments systems and everything related to them.

Ivan Y.
React Developer

Ivan Y.×

Ivan has over 7 years of commercial software development experience. He specializes in the implementation of front-end technologies and mobile cross-platform app development. He loves his job, reading books, and spending time with friends.

Yurii P.
React Developer

Yurii P.×

Yurii is an experienced react and react-native front-end developer. He is a funny, creative, outside of the box thinker. Yurii enjoys browsing the internet and reading sci-fi & martial arts books. Yurii prefers to start his day by looking at memes and feels there is one for every occasion.

Nazar V.
React Developer

Nazar V.×

Nazar is an experienced React developer. He doesn't see software development as a job, but rather a hobby. He enjoys solving non-trivial problems with the main goal of improving every project he's working on. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games, reading, and configuring his IDE (VIM).

Rostyk H.

Rostyk H.×

Rostyslav is a full-stack developer with more than 5 years of experience. He is passionate about new technologies and enjoys solving interesting problems. Rostyk loves sports, driving a car, and travel.

Vasily S.

Vasily S.×

Vasily has more than 13 years of web development experience. Vasily is open-minded to new technology. His hobbies revolve around robotics and working out.

Daria M.
DevOps Engineer

Daria M.×

Daria is a DevOps engineer with over 5 years of wide-ranging experience from QA to ML development and, eventually, Dev Ops. Exploring new ideas and technologies is a passion that constantly drives her.

Automate sales busywork
Piece sales back together

CRMDialer brings lead dta, sales activity, phone calls, SMS, email, automated
workflows and visitor tracking under a single roof.