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We needed to provide a way to spend less time
preparing to sell than actually selling

CRMDialer started as a side project at our sister company: Bank Associates Merchant Services.
We were doing great at BAMS. Sales were growing. But it was all sustained on the endless hours we put into the business. We needed a software that helped us work smarter, not harder. Problem is, nothing on the market would come close to what we needed in order to grow the business.
Our solution? Let's build it ourselves.
It took us the best of two years to build and perfect the software. BAMS' sales prospered on the back of it.
We didn't even realize other businesses would want to use it, until we noticed people on trade events looking at our computers and asking what software we were using.
We had inadventently created demand for something we only meant to use internally.

CRMDialer ramps up your
inbound and outbound sales

If you feel like you are missing the piece that brings all of your sales data into a single place so you can work smarter... why don't you give CRMDialer a chance?
You might be surprised–just as we were–to find out it was exactly what you were looking for.

CRMDialer ramps up your inbound and outbound sales

Automate sales busywork.
Focus on your customers.



Let's uncomplicate sales


Keep it simple

Simple beats complicated. Working with a single system to manage your sales it's easier than connecting a handful of tools together.
Your software should mimic the way you go about sales. If you like to keep it simple, your CRM should too.


Focus on growth

CRMDialer is most valuable for companies with an existing sales team that wishes to unify their daily outreach process, taking already great salespeople and putting them on hyperdrive.
At CRMDialer, we love sales and we are focused on helping you grow.


Sales and support

We want to help teams make sales more human, spending more time speaking with customers and focusing on their challenges.
Our customer service is built upon the same principle. Providing stellar customer support is one of our core values at CRMDialer.


Keep it fun

Work does not have to be a grind! We engage and encourage comradery across the organization to make sure that everyone feels included and has their pulse to the company.
Peer engagement is very important to us, especially for our remote teammates.

Automate sales busywork.
Focus on your customers.