Relationships and Reputation Matter

Your relationships with your clients is what determines whether or not they keep coming back to you. Your reputation is what determines how easy it is to draw new clients away from your competitors. Both are heavily influenced by how you manage your existing client roster. CRMDialer is the ultimate tool for fostering better relationships with your clients because it allows you to easily keep track of every detail and every interaction, automatically, with access to that information from anywhere in the world via the cloud, whenever you need it.

Land More Deals Streamline Communications
  • CRMDialer centralizes all client and account information in one place, so that every member of your team will have access to it and you can develop better pitches to close more deals
  • Easily access information from previous projects and historical client information to ensure each new pitch and project is better than the last
  • Use eSignature to send out and retrieve signed agreements to get projects started faster than ever before
  • Manage all billing and payments directly from within the CRM, eliminating the need for a secondary payment platform
  • Integrate your Gmail or Outlook accounts and manage all email and scheduling activities from inside the platform
  • Automatically have all email and phone communications saved to the relevant client profiles, so that you never waste time hunting for attachments or conversation details ever again
  • Foster company wide collaboration and information sharing by bringing internal communications onto our robust built-in chat

Collaboration And Access To Information Aide Account Management

On-time and on-budget are the hallmarks of a professional agency (or at least getting as close as possible!) Hitting those marks is all about good account management, and no account can ever run efficiently when information is siloed off. CRMDialer is designed to make it easier for your team to access all of the relevant information they need – from email and phone communications, to documentation, to meeting notes and beyond – so that none of your accounts will ever get hung up or stalled due to poor information management.

CRMDialer also provides a built-in internal chat that is intuitive, easy, and enjoyable to use. That encourages your staff to bring all of their internal communications onto the platform, further increasing transparency and the spirit of collaboration.

Easily Bill Clients And Accept Payments

Whether you’re billing hourly or charging on an account wide basis, getting paid on time is absolutely crucial, especially for growing ad firms. CRMDialer makes it easier than ever for you to bill your clients and collect payments, thanks to the platform’s powerful billing tools through simple, built-in credit card and ACH payment integrations.

With CRMDialer, you can easily create custom invoices or set-up automatically recurring billing. Once your clients are ready to pay, you can accept all major credit cards or even eCheck payments through the system, and you’ll be backed by a full PCI Level 1 compliant platform. The result is fewer outstanding accounts and better cash flow – two of the most important things in any agency.

Debt Collection Payments

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CRMDialer useful for my creative staff as well as my business development reps?

Absolutely. While CRMDialer will be a game-changer for your sales and marketing teams, your creative team will also benefit from it in many ways. Firstly, the integrated chat will foster collaboration within your organization and provide your creative team with the fluid communication they need. Additionally, providing your creative time with the same access to client information that your business development team has, will help them understand and manage client needs, leading to better deliverables and happier clients.

We don’t have a big IT department. Will that be a problem?

Not at all. At CRMDialer, implementation is our secret sauce, and our expert technical staff is here to provide you with full implementation of the software, train your team in its use, and provide ongoing support with any questions that you may have. When you partner with CRMDialer, we consider our team part of your team.