Make Every Lead Count

The Internal Revenue Service issued safe harbor guidance for solar facilities to qualify for the Investment
Tax Credit (ITC) as it phases down from 30% to 10% after 2020. Under the new guidance, utility-scale
solar photovoltaic (PV) projects starting construction before January 1, 2020, have up to four years to
bring the plant online, to qualify for the full 30% ITC instead of 10%.

In an industry with such tight competition where time is of the essence to install as many new solar customers as possible, no solar company can afford to waste even a single lead. CRMDialer offers powerful lead management functionality by providing your sales team with the best possible opportunity to turn each lead into a paying customer.  Truly the best solar software on the market.

  • Advanced lead management ensures sales reps have full situational awareness on every solar lead
  • Built-in payment processing allows sales associates to send invoices and enables customers to pay through credit card and ACH with a low fee guarantee
  • eSignature allows contract documents to be handled right from within the CRM
  • All the tools that you ever need from the best solar CRM on the market.
Solar CRM Software Phone System CRMDialer
Solar CRM Software Phone System
Software to Collect Solar Sales Payments
Collect Solar Sales Customer Payments
Electronic Signature eSignature Solar Sales
Electronic Signature Solar Sales
  • Built-in power dialer enables solar sales agents to make calls with a single click, go through call sheets with zero-click auto-dialing, automatically drop voicemail, and more
  • Full Outlook and Gmail integration allows all email and calendar activities to be handled from within CRMDialer
  • SMS-messaging allows agents to reach leads directly on their cell phones via text, an increasingly popular communication method

Take Your Sales To The Sun

CRMDialer allows you to track every contact made with a lead, automatically assigning calls, emails, notes, and documents to the relevant lead accounts. That means solar sales agents will always have a complete picture of where each lead is in the sales process, allowing them to custom tailor their approach to maximize the chances of a sale. Our solar CRM also offers real-time website visitor tracking, providing agents with the products and services a lead has shown interest in before making the first call.

Automate and Streamline Administration

Sales agents need to focus on sales, and administrative tasks eat up valuable time that could be spent following up with leads on the phones and through email. CRMDialer makes it easy to manage documents, schedule meetings, send and receive internal communications, follow-up on billing, and much more. And best of all, it enables your team to do it all from a single platform – minimizing wasted time and opening up more of the day for activities that bring in revenues.

Customer Service

Improve Customer Service

Customer acquisition is expensive, and in a competitive industry like solar technology, retaining existing clients is key. CRMDialer enables your team to do that by supercharging your customer service capabilities. The built-in helpdesk feature will automatically notify your agents or customer service reps whenever a new support message hits your mailbox, and the system will automatically create a ticket that will be updated and tracked with each additional contact. The result is faster response times and happier customers who will buy again and provide referrals.

Solar Sales Dialer

  • Reach out to all of your clients using our state of the art power dialer
  • Queue up a list of your prospects and automatically dial through all of them
  • Use voicemail drops to ensure the highest call back rate possible
  • Utilize local presence to boost your connect rate with prospects
Voicemail Drop Screen with Options
Calendar Sorting and Priority Setting User Interface

Solar Appointment Setting

  • Set appointments directly from the CRM for your prospects
  • Send them automated reminders through email and SMS, to ensure that you have the highest possible seen rate
  • Set appointments for your co-workers and check their calendars, to ensure that they are never double-booked for meetings

Solar Sales Metrics

  • See how your agents are performing on a day-to-day basis in the solar CRM
  • Ensure that all of your agents are using their time as productively as possible
  • Analyze in-depth metrics on the dialer, email, SMS, and company-wide levels
  • Watch your business grow and make strategic decisions based on your findings
Visitor Tracking Reporting Grid Screen
Email Templates

Solar Sales Emailing

  • Send out both traditional and HTML pre-filled email templates directly from the system
  • Use triggers to automate your email outreach process
  • A/B test various templates at once to make sure that you are using the most powerful emails possible
  • Ensure that you are constantly and automatically letting your customers and prospects know about your most recent offerings

Solar Sales Payments

  • Once you set up your customers with their new panels, ensure that you are collecting all of your payments automatically
  • Set up one time and recurring collection and custom invoicing to your customers in the solar CRM
  • Send custom private label invoices to your customers, to ensure that you are constantly collecting
  • Less stress means more growth! The only thing that you can expect from the best solar software
Payments Metrics Displaying Totals of Sales, Refunds, Voids, Declined, Net Total
SMS Message

Solar Sales SMS

  • Use the most powerful tool of the 21st century to communicate with your prospects and customers
  • Send one time or templated SMS directly from the system and have information pre-fill from the leads page
  • Send automated meeting reminders through text to your prospects, with the ability for them to reschedule right in the message

Frequently Asked Questions

Can CRMDialer also help with installation and set-up tasks?

Absolutely. Installing solar hardware can be complex, and we understand that your customers require support. CRMDialer allows you to easily schedule and track service calls and installation appointments using integrated calendar management. The built-in helpdesk also allows automatically generates help tickets and track and update them as they move towards a solution. A solar CRM at its finest.

Can CRMDialer help me manage my solar sales team?

CRMDialer is just as valuable for managers as it is for front-line sales agents. Our powerful reporting options make it easy for managers to keep up to date on their team’s performance, monitor how leads are moving through the sales funnel, schedule meetings, and training sessions, and more. CRMDialer’s call recording capability also allows managers to review agent calls to determine areas for improvement and ensure compliance with regulations.