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Power Dialer

Increase Inbound and Outbound Sales
Make Calls Without Downloads

Inbound or outbound targeting, getting customers to speak with you and move forward takes timing and usually happens through a precise method of communication over time.

Our proprietary white label sales platform includes a customer relationship management system with email, chat, text messaging and a phone system natively integrated together to help salespeople sell faster and smarter.

Through automation, CRMDialer will put an end to follow-ups being missed and quality leads being wasted. In today’s highly competitive market, we truly understand the value, attention and respect that good leads deserve.

While on calls, agents will send emails, add notes and schedule follow-up tasks.

Inbound Outbound Call Queues Call Waiting
  • Import leads and assign them to agents
  • Every call is tracked and recorded
  • Create a custom call tree and IVR
  • Agents love leaving voicemail drops
  • Track rich call metrics for every call
  • Listen, whisper and barge features included
  • Call waiting and missed call reporting
  • Place calls into a queue while agents are busy
  • Control how calls are distributed to agents
  • Allow an agent to cherry pick their next call
  • Market your services with on-hold recordings
  • View missed call reports by person and group
  • Identify inbound calls by caller ID screen pops
  • Decide to pick up a call or place it into
    a hold queue
  • Choose to answer, reject or hold the
    incoming call

Call Center Solutions for Everyone

Whether you sell a product or a service, we get it.

CRMDialer is the easiest platform for agents to use.

Your salespeople will thank you like never before.

See more results from your salesman in an 8-hour workday.

Power Dialer

Missed Call Reporting

Receive desktop or email
notifications about calls.
Improve call back times and your
customers' experience .
Understand which agents have
frequently missed calls.

Power Dialer Phone

Call Recordings

Record inbound and outbound calls.
Create rules for when not to record.
Automatically bind audio files to leads.
Find, download and playback recordings.

Round Robin

Round Robin

Round Robin allows you to distribute calls evenly among your sales team, support, or any group.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Of The Power Dialer Benefits?

The process of call recording and linking audio files automatically.
Recordings are very valuable for training and coaching playback purposes.
Handling calls immediately and with a personal touch is a big win for businesses.
For an inbound call, an agent will see a screen pop that displays a quick link the caller.

Why Should I Use A Cloud Based Dialer?

Plug in a headset and start making calls using US-based phone numbers!
Scale your call center cost-effectively while maintaining security and dependability.
CRMDialer is a cloud-based call center CRM that we host and maintain for our clients.
A major downfall of on-premises call center systems is that they quickly grow outdated and obsolete.

Are All Calls Allowed To Be Recorded?

Being in compliance with state laws is a priority for every business.
CRM administrators can disable automated call recording for any area code.
It is mandatory that every business knows and follows the FTC's two-party consent recording regulations.

How Do Automated Call Queues Work?

A manager is able to create and assign a set of leads to an agent to call.
An agent does not need to click "next" in order to dial the next number.
Call queues automatically progress agents to their next call automatically.
Agents learn to properly schedule tasks, change lead statuses and leave notes.