CRM Reporting on employee calls and statistics

Outbound Power Dialer

Place all of your calls into a list queue and automatically dial through them all!

Inbound IVR

Set up your IVR for inbound calls with the ability to assign extensions, set up voicemail boxes, and create waiting and queue music.

Voicemail Drops

Boost your call volume throughout the day by automating your voicemails.

Local Presence

Show a local number on the receiving end to ensure that you are boosting your connect rate with prospects.

Inbound Call Queues

Ensure that no inbound call goes unanswered by setting up your queues, which will keep the prospect interested in staying connected until one of your members can answer the call.

Listen, Whisper, and Barge

Improve your employees calls by listening in on them and providing feedback after the call, as well as whispering to them without the prospect hearing, and barging in if they truly need help with the call

Outbound Power Dialer Inbound Caller ID CRM Call Reporting
  • Import your leads and easily turn them into campaigns for agents to begin calling right away
  • Maximize your agent talk times with call outcome disposition reporting
  • Increase talk time 3X with geographical targeting using local presence
  • Drop pre-recorded voicemails when answering machines are reached
  • Eliminate agent forgetfulness to follow up with timely reminder pop-ups
  • Listen to agent calls live, whisper or even barge-in
  • Taking action for agents to add a note, send an email or schedule a follow up has never been easier
  • CRMDialer identifies your customers instantly and pops up records without manual searching
  • Support agent prioritization of calls by hold duration to deliver better customer experiences
  • Forward calls to agent’s personal phones that are working in the field using a schedule
  • Market and upsell new services by uploading custom on-hold messages while attention is high
  • Ensure customers are being called back by your agents by monitoring missed calls
  • Port your existing numbers or use the dedicated numbers provided by CRMDialer
  • Identify the true talk time of every agent
  • View outbound or inbound talking and waiting times
  • Track the duration and direction of each call
  • Manage dialer and text message usage metrics
  • Spot activity gaps in agent calling schedules
  • Track follow ups, notes added and deal closed
  • Project live dashboards onto your office TVs
Outbound Call Options Screen Displaying the Lead Complete Information
Inbound Call Caller ID and Answer or Decline options
Call Reporting Screen with all the details
Power Dialer Continuous Call Queue Screen Interface

Call Queue Continuous Dialing

  • Place your daily calls into an automated list
  • See who you are talking to as you call them, to ensure superior personalization with prospects
  • Perfect for mixing cold calling with scheduled follow-ups
  • Call more than 3x as many people on a daily basis
  • Waste less time and automatically log types of calls throughout the day

CRM Call Recording

  • Record inbound and outbound calls automatically or on demand
  • Create call recording rules for when not to record calls based on the recepient’s area code
  • Use our embedded audio player to quickly listen and skip through call recordings
  • Search, download and listen to MP3 files stored for all of your recorded calls in seconds
Call Recording Switch in the Call Screen
Power Dialer IVR Numbers pad

IVR Phone System Menu

  • Set up your press-number IVR for routing customers to a group, direct extension or an outside phone number
  • Set up extensions and VM boxes within the system for all of your employees, so that prospects and customers can reach them directly
  • Ensure that no rep is over filled with calls by using our round-robin capabilities

Voicemail Drops

Automate your voicemails throughout the day, so that you can get through more calls, and reach more prospects.

Not having to repeat the same voicemail over and over means that your agents can not only cut down on unproductive moments but also that no voicemails with mistakes will be left.

Only perfection at its finest.

Voicemail Drop Screen with Options
Local Presence - Select the local number option before a call

Local Presence

  • Use this world class tool to boost your call pickup rates
  • Add as many local and commercial numbers as you would like. They are available for each state and area code. 
  • Local presence is enabled for both your calling needs and your SMS needs!
  • Provides a personal touch to your calls
  • Local numbers increase customer answer rates by 65%.

Incoming Call Queues

  • Ensure that no inbound lead gets unanswered
  • Create and upload waiting music to advertise to your customers and keep them involved while waiting for an agent to pick up their call
  • Show agents the names of the leads calling in, so that they hit the ground running on each conversation
  • Choose the calls that are most relevant to you within the list, to ensure that your prospects and clients are being responded to immidiately
Waiting Queue

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Of The Power Dialer Benefits?

The process of call recording and linking audio files automatically.
Recordings are very valuable for training and coaching playback purposes.
Handling calls immediately and with a personal touch is a big win for businesses.
For an inbound call, an agent will see a screen pop that displays a quick link the caller.

Why Should I Use A Cloud Based Dialer?

Plug in a headset and start making calls using US-based phone numbers!
Scale your call center cost-effectively while maintaining security and dependability.
CRMDialer is a cloud-based call center CRM that we host and maintain for our clients.
A major downfall of on-premises call center systems is that they quickly grow outdated and obsolete.

Are All Calls Allowed To Be Recorded?

Being in compliance with state laws is a priority for every business.
CRM administrators can disable automated call recording for any area code.
It is mandatory that every business knows and follows the FTC's two-party consent recording regulations.

How Do Automated Call Queues Work?

A manager is able to create and assign a set of leads to an agent to call.
An agent does not need to click "next" in order to dial the next number.
Call queues automatically progress agents to their next call automatically.
Agents learn to properly schedule tasks, change lead statuses and leave notes.