Boost Call Pick Up Rates

Ditch the toll-free numbers and the
out-of-state caller IDs.
People like to pick up calls from local numbers.
A secret weapon you never knew you needed.
Increase agent talk times with local presence.
Provide ample sales opportunities for sales.

Call From Every US Area Code

Stop investing in on-premise technology.
Add new phone numbers or port your own.
Area codes are suggested based on leads.
Explore a new phone system today.

Check How Visitor Tracking Works

Check How Local Presence Works

Watch this short video explaining how CRMDialer’s Local Presence works.

Why Is Local Presence Valuable?

Agents are trained to stick to the script.
Salespeople can be doing everything right.

So how do you get more value?
Create motivation to take your call.

Interesting, right?

Local Presence Advantages

  1. Reach more customers by using local phone numbers.
  2. Add as many local and commercial numbers as you would like.
  3. Local numbers increase customer answer rates by 65%.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Local Presence Work?

Create dynamic caller ID visibility for prospecting based on their area code.
Match your phone numbers with the area code of the number agents are dialing.
When a customer calls back your number they will be routed to your IVR call tree.

What Are The Best Use Cases For Local Presence?

A company doing business nationally already is a perfect business to use local presence.
When a number is not local, a prospective customer might assume it's a telemarketer.
Any business looking to improve talk time and pick up rates should use local presence.

Do You Charge Per Phone Number?

Port any of your existing phone numbers into your account for free.
Phone numbers are $3.00 per number per month for local numbers and $5.00 for toll-free.