Best Collection Agency Software

Communication is key in debt collection, and it often takes multiple contacts with a debtor to settle an account balance. The best collection agency software makes those contacts easier by bringing all of your agents’ communication tools into a single platform.

Our built-in power dialer allows your agents to easily queue up their calls for maximum efficiency and comes packed with features like click to dial, QC call recording, missed call reporting, and more. Debt collection agents rely on bonuses and a system like CRMDialer helps to maximize your agents’ earning potential.

Boost Account Receivables Power Dialer
  • CRMDialer brings email, SMS, calling, and internal chat all into one single, easy-to-use communications platform, minimizing wasted time jumping between applications
  • Tracking down account information is fast and easy thanks to CRMDialer’s industry-leading lead management tools
  • Enhance housekeeping tasks so that agents can spend more time working with debtors and closing out accounts
  • Generate detailed, informative reports in a matter of a few clicks
  • Assign accounts to agents and queue up their calls in order of importance, status, age, or preference
  • Round-robin of inbound calls enables you to spread a call list as evenly as possible among your agents, ensuring maximum efficiency
  • Import your accounts and begin dialing to track various balance types and bonuses
Debt Collection Payments

Accounts Receivable Collection Software

At the end of the day, bill collection is all about getting paid. CRMDialer makes it easier than ever for your agents to collect payments, either online or right over the phone while on the line with a debtor. That’s of immense importance, as once your agent has convinced a debtor to settle their account, any delay in processing the payment puts the entire process at risk.

CRMDialer enables your team to collect secure payments via credit card or ACH eCheck, and the system is fully PCI Level 1 compliant, ensuring your organization will always meet or exceed the industry standard for payment processing and data storage security.

Top Debt Collector Software

Keeping track of a long list of debtors, each in a different stage of the recovery process, can be a headache at the best of times. CRMDialer makes it easier for your agents to maintain complete awareness of where each of their accounts stands by providing intuitive and easy access to all of the relevant data on each and every debtor in your database. Every call, every text, every email, every saved document, every meeting note – every point of important data – is automatically associated with the relevant debtor, so agents will never have to waste time hunting down information or find themselves without the data they need, right when they need it.

Debt Collection CRM

  • Store and view all of the notes, recordings for all of your debtors, to ensure that you hit the ground running on each call
  • Customize the fields and tabs to reflect exactly what data you are gathering from the debtors
  • All of the call recordings and documentation between yourself and the debtor will be stored on each debtors record page
Power Dialer Continuous Call Queue Screen Interface

Debt Collection Power Dialer

  • Use the most powerful outreach tool on the market to contact debtors on behalf of your clients
  • Queue up a list of calls and automate your outreach
  • Use features such as local presence and voicemail drops to ensure a high answer and call back rate
  • Set up your entire IVR within the system, to make sure that your debtors are able to reach you

Debt Collection Calendar

  • Connect your Gmail or Outlook Calendar to our system
  • Ensure that you can see all of your call back tasks with debtors listed out simply 
  • See your calendar availability, so that you never double book yourself for a meeting or follow up
  • Complete all of your tasks directly from this page, whether it be to make a call, send a text message, record a note, or change a lead status

Debt Collection Email

  • Use the most popular form of communication to speak with debtors and help them resolve their debts, ASAP
  • Send both traditional and graphical emails, to gain your debtor’s interest in responding
  • Call the debtor the moment they open an email, with real-time notifications within the system

Debt Collection Payment Collection

  • When a debtor is ready to resolve their debt, use our system to collect their payments, through ACH or card
  • Set up one-time billing or recurring, based on a pre-agreed upon schedule
  • Send out custom invoices to your clients, so that you can provide a personal touch to your payment collection and also ensure that they
Collect Credit Card Payments User Interface

Debt Collection Voicemail Drops

  • Each rep can pre-record voicemails using their own voice, to add a personal touch
  • Cut down on unproductive moments during each call, to ensure that you are reaching as many people as possible
  • Ensure that you get the highest call back rate possible from debtors
  • A/B test various voicemails to ensure that you have the most effective templates uploaded into the system

Debt Collection E-Signature

  • Ensure that after you reach an agreement with a debtor, you can seal it in writing right within the system
  • Generate pre-filled E-Signature documents right within the platform
  • See when the debtor opens and signs the agreement, as well as have it automatically uploaded to their lead record
Local Presence - Select the local number option before a call

Debt Collection Local Presence

  • Increase your connect rate by showing a local number on the receiving end
  • Purchase local and toll-free numbers within our system
  • Provide a local and personal touch to your outreach with debtors
  • Ensure that you get the highest call back rate with this feature

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CRMDialer help me with document management?

Absolutely. CRMDialer provides unlimited document storage and unlimited debtor accounts, meaning you’ll never run into a wall no matter how large your collection agency grows. CRMDialer also includes eSignature functionality, so you can send and collect signed documents right through your CRM.

How does CRMDialer help me manage my agents?

CRMDialer helps managers by providing unparalleled business intelligence. Its powerful reporting tools make it easy for you to pull up all the relevant information you need to make more informed decisions, and its call recording features enable you to monitor your agents’ performance to ensure best-practices are being followed and important consumer protection legislation is being complied with.