Receive SMS Appointment Reminders Local Presence - Select the local number option before a call SMS Templates CRM Reporting on employee calls and statistics

Send SMS

Send text messages to your prospects directly from the comfort of your CRM

Recieve SMS

Receive text message replies from your prospects within the platform and see those messages stored in each leads notes section

SMS Appointment Reminders

Automatically send reminders to your prospects and clients through the CRM

Local Presence

Boost your SMS open rate by showing a local number on the receiving end

SMS Templates

Create and pre-fill SMS templates to ensure that you are being as productive as possible during the day

SMS Reporting

See reports on sent and received text messages to ensure that your agents are always saying the right thing to prospects and customers

Send SMS Receive SMS Reporting
  • CRMDialer allows you to send SMS messages directly to any phone number in the US & Canada ensuring you can reach your prospects and customers no matter where they live
  • SMS messaging is a smart and effective way to contact your leads, giving them the opportunity to respond quickly and easily by texting their replies
  • Getting a name wrong is embarrassing! Personalized messaging allows you to ensure no message is ever improperly addressed, even when SMS messaging with multiple leads simultaneously
  • CRMDialer displays incoming SMS message notifications every 15 seconds, ensuring you’ll never be late reacting to your prospects and customers
  • Incoming SMS messages from your contacts can contain any type of file attachment, including .doc, .xls, .pdf, and others. You’ll never have to worry about dropped attachments when you use CRMDialer
  • You can view the number of sent and received messages on the Sales Metrics page within CRMDialer, allowing you to carefully manage your usage volume
  • All incoming and outgoing SMS messages are automatically added as new notes on the appropriate customer lead form, meaning your important customer communications will always be properly filed and tracked

Response Rate Increase

Successful delivery and quick response are the keys to effective SMS messaging. CRMDialer allows you to send SMS messages directly from the same system that handles your customer resource management, meaning full customer information will always be at your fingertips while messaging with your prospects and clients. That allows fast, accurate responses which, combined with CRMDialer’s impressive 80% response rate, results in the ability to
close deals faster.

SMS Is A Business Changer

Constant contact is the key to successful customer service and maximize sales. Having SMS capabilities built right into your customer resource management and power-dialer software provides you with the unmatched ability to respond to customer messages and send follow-ups and reminders. The proven result is incredible open rates and response rates that have the potential to be game changers for how your business interacts with customers.

Good Idea

SMS Appointment Reminders

  • Automatically send reminders to your prospects and clients through the CRM
  • Use the most powerful communications tool to boost your meeting rate
  • Increase appointment seen rate by as much as 62%
  • Allow prospects to reschedule meetings automatically through the power of their phone

Local Presence SMS

  • Boost your SMS open rate by using one of CRMDialer’s most powerful features
  • Increase open rate by up to 17% by using this world-class feature
  • Add a level of personalization to your SMS by providing a near home feeling
SMS Message
SMS Templates

SMS Templates

  • Use templates to boost your productivity by up to 36%
  • Ensure a personalized feel with pre-filled fields pulled directly from your CRM
  • A/B test the best templates to convert and upsell your clients

Mass SMS

  • Send out the texts to all of your prospects with one simple click
  • Create templates to send out to your customers, and keep them informed about your business
  • Customize the templates to ensure that each one of the sent out text messages is personalized for each customer and prospect

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Send SMS Text Messages To Any Number?

With CRMDialer, you can send SMS text messages to any phone number in the United States and Canada, as long as the number is SMS-enabled. The vast majority of mobile numbers and even some landlines can receive SMS messages, making CRMDialer an incredibly powerful tool for reaching out to your target prospects and existing customers.

Are SMS Messages Free?

CRMDialer’s Unlimited Pro plan includes 10,000 messages per month at no extra charge, allowing you to remain in constant contact with your customers. For more than 10,000 messages, please contact us to inquire about a custom solution utilizing our Custom Enterprise plan.

Is Local Presence Enabled For SMS Messaging?

Just like the auto-dialer in CRMDialer, SMS messaging also supports the Local Presence feature. With the Local Presence feature enabled, your text messages will show up on prospects’ caller-ID as having been sent from a local phone number, boosting open rates and response rates!