Send And Receive SMS Messages In Your CRM

Send SMS messages and watch as their replies show up right on the lead form.

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Send SMS Receive SMS Reporting
  • Send SMS Messages to any phone number in the world
  • Smart way to contact your leads
  • Personalized messaging while you are talking to your leads at the same time
  • Incoming SMS notifications are shown every 15 seconds.
  • Incoming messages received from your contacts may contain any type of file attachments (e.g. .doc, .xls, .pdf or other file types)
  • You can view the number of sent and received messages on the Sales Metrics page
  • All incoming and outgoing SMS messages will be added as new notes on the lead form

Response Rate Increase

The ability to send SMS directly from the system, which provides an over 80% response rate and helps close deals faster.

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Good Idea

Business Changer

SMS built right into your power dialer and CRM offers a great option for sending follow ups and reminders - it's proven to have amazing open and response rate that could be a game changer for your business.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Send SMS Text Messages To Any Number?

You can send an SMS text message to almost any US & Canada number, as long as it's text-enabled. Most mobiles and some landlines can receive SMS text messages.

Are SMS Messages Free?

Signing up to our Unlimited Pro Plan, will get you 10.000 SMS Messages per month.

Is Local Presence Enabled For SMS Messaging?

Just like with the CRM dialer, the SMS functionality also supports the Local Presence feature. With Local Presence, your text messages will show up on the prospect’s caller ID as having been sent from a local phone number.

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