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Advanced Sales Platform and Power Dialer

Contact 2x, 3x, or 4x the amount of people that you are doing today while CRMDialer takes care of the busywork.

Lightning Fast Sales Communications. Right Method. Right Time.

Make and Receive Phone Calls

Upload your leads and start calling from your phone numbers or ours through the sales dialer. Professional IVR, call recording and live agent monitoring are features that we include out of the box. No downloads or plugins required.

Send and Receive Text Messages

Text messages get replies. Send individual text messages or use SMS templates to follow up with your leads.

Create Call Queues For Agents

Upload and assign leads to agents for continuous calling based on campaigns and lead sources. Power through your call lists automatically with sequential dialing.

Call Follow Ups Automatically

Using call queues, agents receive the right leads and follow ups on a silver platter. We solved the problem of agents not knowing who to call next.

Create Actions, Notes, and Meetings

Agents are able to quickly change the status of a lead, add notes, schedule follow ups and even send personalized emails or text messages during calls.

Combine Incoming and Outgoing Calls

Turn your team into a powerful call center with our sales dialer.

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Legendary Sales CRM Features

CRMDialer’s sales dialer platform is built on many years of direct sales management experience of large sales teams.

Browser Based Power Dialer CRM For Phone Sales

Sales Dialer

Creates queues for your agents to call automagically. Set and confirm appointments like never before. Receive follow-ups in call queues at their properly scheduled times. While on a call, take action without changing screens. Quickly change the status, log a note or call outcome, send an email or schedule a follow-up task. A sales dialer that works!

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Send and Receive SMS Integrated With CRMDialer. Get started today for free.


Text messages are answered more than 80% of the time compared to emails. Text messaging has to be used once a relationship has been established in order to be effective. Use CRMDialer's inbound and outbound text messaging with personalized texts. Close hard to reach leads by reaching out with their preferred mobile method.

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Sales Agent Dialer Metrics CRM Reporting Software

Sales CRM

Take your inbound and outbound sales to the next level using your branding with our technology. As our client, you will receive a white label CRM tailored to your brand that is hosted on a single-tenant server. Manage all of your sales leads and customers in one place within our state of the art sales dialer. Easily customize fields, templates and agent permissions.

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Gmail and Outlook Integrated Email CRM


Our powerful email integrations with Outlook and Gmail allow salespeople to send and receive emails that are bound to their leads automatically. Track every reply, open, visitor click and page view. Sales agents can even use multiple email aliases. Use triggers to send automated emails based on a lead's status change or age.

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Our native integrations with Outlook and Google Calendar ensure that every sales appointment is scheduled for the right time. Our CRM calendar is perfect for in-person sales too, with reminders and mobile app notes that are added into the CRM automatically. Sales agents will love sending their meeting link and seeing results.

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No system is complete today without the ability to collect payments from your customers. CRMDialer allows you to accept credit cards and ACH payments. Generate custom invoices, accept payments by email, SMS and over the phone. Sales agents can even schedule recurring payments easily to set it and forget it!

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Make and Receive Phone Calls

Send and Receive Text Messages

Create Call Queues For Agents

Call Follow Ups Automatically

Create Actions, Notes, and Meetings

Combine Incoming and Outgoing Calls

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