CRM Reporting on employee calls and statistics

Real Time Notifications

See what your prospects are doing on your website, how long they spend on each page, and when they return in real time.

Business Intelligence

Use the most powerful tracking tool on the market to strategize your efforts with prospects and ensure a higher close rate

Notes Storage

All visitor tracking notifications are stored in each leads notes section, for easy access at any time.

Visitor Tracking Metrics

See who your most active prospects are, and hone in on them, in order to boost your close rate.

Visitor Tracking Tokens

Create tokens within the system to connect our platform to any of your existing websites, so that you can capture as much data as possible on your prospects

Business Intelligence CRM Screen and Lead Information

Business Intelligence

The moment that a visitor enters your site for the first time and forever moving forward, your sales agents will know exactly what the specific contacts looked at, for how long and be able to determine exactly what the prospects are interested and thus putting an end to cold calling once and for all.

Skyrocket Your Sales

The moment that a visitor enters your site for the first time and forever moving forward, your sales agents will know exactly what the specific contacts looked at, for how long and be able to determine exactly what the prospects are interested and thus putting an end to cold calling once and for all. The more visitors that get cookied, the bigger your pipeline will be.

Skyrocket Your Sales
Check How Visitor Tracking Works

Check How Visitor Tracking Works

Watch this short video explaining how CRMDialer’s Visitor Tracking works.

How CRMDialer’s Website Visitor Tracking Works

To understand how you get all that valuable data, you need to understand how visitor tracking systems work. Here are the basics.

How It Works!

  1. Install our JavaScript code
  2. User clicks on a link in an email or fills out a form on your site
  3. Visitor browses your website
  4. See the activity in CRMDialer instantly
Visitor Tracking Notifications Screen

Real-Time Notifications

  • Receive notifications in real-time regarding what your prospects are doing on the site
  • Use these notifications to perfectly time your outreach
  • Ensure that your close rate is continuously going up

Notes Storage

  • All visitor tracking notes and information is stored on each leads page
  • Strategize your plan to close each lead based on this information
  • Focus on the pages and portions of your site that most interest them, to ensure that each conversation is productive
  • Review this information before meetings to ensure that you hit the ground running on each conversation
Visitor Tracking Notes Recorded User Interface Screen
Visitor Tracking Reporting Grid Screen

Visitor Tracking Metrics

  • View a summary of your leads visits on your site
  • Focus on the prospects that are constantly visiting your site and showing genuine interest
  • Ensure a higher close rate for the entire team, which then translates to more growth for your entire company

Revolutionary Benefits of Website Visitor Tracking

Warmly nudge your prospects like never before with CRMDialer! Each sales rep will know exactly what their leads are looking at, click by click, to optimize their sales process like never before. See why prospects are visiting and what they’re doing for more effective targeting with CRMDialer.

Did visitors come to certain pages from a link in an email or from filling out a contact form a year ago? CRMDialer stores all the activity for each visitor. Each click is tracked and lets sales reps better understand potential pain points and interests to best serve their prospects and customers. Visitor tracking alerts lets reps know who is viewing which page and when from the moment that they sign into their CRM. Managers can be proactive to make sure that no warm leads are falling through the cracks.

Sales reps must continually answer the question – who should I call next? Visitor tracking solves the dilemma, making the choice clear based on the order in which those visitors expressed interest. Armed with all the information our tracking system gives you, sales reps can more effectively target their prospects with a personalized touch that could move more prospects through the funnel and ultimately boost sales.

CRMDialer uses the latest cookie technology to track users originating from opening and clicking emails as well as filling out forms or downloading digital assets for the long-term. CRMDialer will recognize and alert your sales reps when a visitor has returned 24 hours later or even months later with real-time notifications in their CRM to rekindle conversations that may have been written off.

You don’t know what you don’t know and that’s why CRMDialer is built to do all of the heavy-lifting for you. Our CRM is one of the most feature-rich and revolutionary platforms on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Website Visitor Tracking Work?

Website Visitor Tracking uses the latest cookie technology to identify visitors based on a click from an email at any point in time or a form completion where a person willingly shares their information with you - one time. From that point on, every visit, revisit, and click is tracked and reported in real-time within CRMDialer for the lifespan of that visitor.

What Are The Best Use Cases For Website Visitor Tracking?

Best business use cases for Website Visitor Tracking include replacing anonymous traffic provided through traditional analytical tools, sending out email marketing campaigns and knowing every interaction with your site from that point forward and reporting on upsell opportunities when existing customers re-visit your site.

How Is Website Visitor Tracking Functionality Billed For?

Once you've installed the Website Visitor Tracking snippit on your site, CRMDialer begins to work. Each contact is counted as a credit only one time for the duration of the cookie. For example, if you send an email to a prospect and direct them to your pricing page, the moment that they click that link, they will be tracked forever regardless of how often they interact with your site. You can even manage the same visitor across multiple sites that you own all for a single redeemed credit.,

How Do I Know The Originating Source Of Visitors Activating Website Visitor Tracking?

CRMDialer tracks each email sent through your CRM and each interaction where a prospect fills out a form or downloads a digital asset. Reporting for each Website Visitor Tracking visitor is provided with the source of the email, the link they clicked or the form that they filled out. Each visit after that is appended to the lead history automatically for your sales reps to access and take action on in real-time!

How Many Visitor Tracking Credits Do I Get?

All of our CRMDialer plans come with unlimited visitor tracking metrics. With this at the power of your fingertips, you can ensure that you are gathering as much information as possible on your prospects, and are increasing your sales numbers heavily! The more intel, the more actions you can take to improve your numbers.

How Detailed Are Your Metrics on Visitor Tracking?

As detailed as detailed can be! You not only have information on the page that a prospect is visiting in real-time, but you also have information as to how long a person spent on each page, and how many times they visited a site specifically. The more information you have, the better!