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Lead Management CRM Software

Convert more leads with CRMDialer’s industry-leading tools!

Leads are the lifeblood behind most sales activities and keeping a constant stream of high-quality leads coming in is a top priority. But generating leads isn’t enough – it’s also essential for organizations to properly cultivate and nurture their existing leads to create the best possible conditions for moving prospects through the buying process. CRMDialer’s powerful lead management features are designed to do just that, maximizing the chances of converting each and every lead into paying customers.

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With CRMDialer You Can
  • Easily import leads from spreadsheets using the CRMDialer API
  • Automatically generate new leads from prospect interactions
  • Identify duplicate lead entries to minimize wasted time
  • Automatically notify stakeholders about deal progress
  • Create overview dashboards based on lead status
  • And much more

Never Lose Track Of A Single Lead

Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon for good leads to slip through the cracks, and every day, sales organizations like yours miss out on deals due to failure to properly track prospects. CRMDialer eliminates that nightmare by making it easy to organize, categorize, and monitor all of your leads no matter where they are in the overall buying process. CRMDialer even enables your team to create custom overview dashboards based on the status of your leads, so agents and sales professionals can quickly gain a picture of which leads need the most attention, which are nearest to closing, and which have gone cold altogether.

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Update Lead Files With Each Interaction

Automatically Update Lead Files With Each Interaction

Knowledge is power, and having access to the most up-to-date, relevant information on a prospect can be the difference between blowing a deal and making a big sale. CRMDialer ensures your agents will always have the information they need to get the job done by automatically tracking and logging every lead contact to the relevant account. Whether it’s a phone call, an email, a text message, a signed document, or a meeting note, CRMDialer automatically puts the details of every single interaction right at the fingertips of the user. The result is better planning, better service, better sales calls, and more deals closed.

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Generate New Leads Based On Interactions

Automatically Generate New Leads Based On Interactions

CRMDialer enables your team to automatically generate new leads based on interactions your prospects have with your marketing campaigns and promotional materials. You can use custom links in emails or print promotions to direct users to your website or promotional offers. Once the user clicks the link and fills in their information, CRMDialer will automatically create a lead account with no manual entry required. CRMDialer will also track how your prospects interact with your website, providing valuable information on pages visited, time spent browsing different products or services, and much more. The result is pre-qualification before your sales team ever makes a call or sends an email.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My team handles a large volume of leads. Can CRMDialer keep up?

Absolutely. CRMDialer offers unlimited lead profiles and unlimited document storage, meaning no matter how large your organization grows, how long your call sheets get, or how many leads you dig up, we’ll always be there to grow along side you with zero additional costs.

Does CRMDialer offer any tools to help me close my leads in addition to managing them?

Definitely. CRMDialer comes with a full suite of powerful tools your team can use to move your leads through the sales process. That includes an industry leading power dialer designed to streamline your calling operations, eSignature functionality to allow you to send and receive signed contracts from inside the CRM, and full billing and payment-handling capability. With CRMDialer, your agents can conduct their sales calls, close deals and take payment right over the phone, all from within the CRM.

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