Know Your Prospects and Policy Holders Better

Whether you’re working on converting a prospect into a new client or on providing the best possible service to an existing one, information is the key. CRMDialer allows you to better manage all of the information on both your current policyholders and in-progress leads by automatically logging each and every interaction to the relevant accounts.

By automatically keeping track of the details of every email, phone call, and meeting, you and your team can provide the kind of personalized service necessary to show consumers that you’re not just another faceless corporation looking to treat them as a number on a page.

Turn Leads Into Policy Holders Unsurpassed Security
  • Advanced lead management tools allow agents to convert leads more efficiently through improved intelligence and lead organization
  • eSignature allows agents to send and receive signed agreements directly from within the CRM
  • Advanced reporting enables better agent training and lead targeting
  • Billing on a one time and recurring basis can be handled directly through the CRM via secure credit card and ACH/eCheck payments
  • PCI Level One compliance means your clients’ data, documents, and payment information are protected by industry leading security
  • CRMDialer undergoes regular penetration testing by independent bodies and Amazon AWS to ensure your system is safe against outside threats

Keep A Closer Eye On Compliance

The regulations surrounding insurance agencies are dense, and ensuring every aspect of an organization is compliant is crucial to success. CRMDialer’s communication logging and call-recording mean that compliance and quality checks can be easily performed to ensure that agents and support personnel aren’t accidentally stepping outside the lines. Automatically keeping a record of all policyholder interactions also provides a safety net, ensuring that should questions ever arise, a copy of any disputed interaction can be easily produced to verify compliance.

Improve Productivity Through Centralization

Manual data handling invites a number of problems, not the least of which is entry errors or accidental deletions that can end up being very costly. CRMDialer helps to reduce or eliminate those risks by automating as much client data handling as possible. Information can be automatically imported to policyholder accounts using the API, all communication records are automatically logged, and full data centralization means employees no longer have to move data from one platform to another when dealing with forms, emails, or any other text-based systems.

That centralization also means that employees no longer have to waste valuable time jumping around between platforms and accounts when performing routine tasks like making calls, sending emails, and managing documents. CRMDialer brings everything into a single piece of software, resulting in less time spent on housekeeping or fixing unnecessary errors, and more time spent landing new clients and helping policyholders.

Insurance Sales CRM

  • Store unlimited lead records within the CRM, to ensure that you have all of your historical and new data available, without paying a penny more.
  • Customize fields and tabs to reflect your process, and important information that you need to know
  • Upload your branding and imaging to make the system feel like a home for your team

Insurance Sales Dialer

  • Reach out to all of your clients using our state of the art power dialer
  • Queue up a list of your prospects and automatically dial through all of them
  • Use voicemail drops to ensure the highest call back rate possible
  • Utilize local presence to boost your connect rate with prospects

Insurance Sales Emailing

  • Send out both traditional and HTML pre-filled email templates directly from the system
  • Use triggers to automate your email outreach process
  • A/B test various templates at once to make sure that you are using the most powerful emails possible
  • Ensure that you are constantly and automatically letting your customers and prospects know about your most recent offerings

Insurance Sales SMS

  • Use the most powerful tool of the 21st century to communicate with your prospects and customers
  • Send one time or templated SMS directly from the system and have information pre-fill from the leads page
  • Send automated meeting reminders through text to your prospects, with the ability for them to reschedule right in the message
Local Presence - Select the local number option before a call

Frequently Asked Questions

Our in-house IT team isn’t large. Will we be able to handle getting set up with CRMDialer?

Absolutely. At CRMDialer, implementation is our secret sauce, and our team of experts will ensure that your implementation goes off without a hitch. We’ll also provide your team with training on the software to ensure full adoption, and our support team is available by phone, email, or chat to help with any issues you may run into in the future.

Can CRMDialer help manage our high volume of inbound calls?

Yes, CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer is as useful for inbound calls as it is for outbound calling and boasts features such as advanced call routing and round-robin to ensure even distribution among agents, automatic or single-click hold queues, selectable automatic recording, and much more.