Do More With Your Leads

CRMDialer revolutionizes the way you manage leads by automating many of the processes that normally require manual action from your agents and marketing team. Lead spreadsheets can easily be imported into the system, and from there, additional leads can be automatically captured from inbound telephone calls, email campaigns, website forms, and more.

Streamline All Your Tasks No-Hassle Implementation
  • Bring all communications into a single, centralized platform
  • Manage, track, and organize leads more efficiently and effectively
  • Provide managers with the tools they need to evenly distribute leads, perform quality control, generate reporting, and more
  • Supercharge marketing efforts through better outbound communications and better insights into campaign success
  • Automate repetitive tasks to enable your team to spend more time landing clients and closing deals
  • CRMDialer’s expert implementation team will make sure your CRM set-up is headache-free
  • Our support staff will train your team to get the most out of CRMDialer’s features
  • Ongoing support is available via phone, email, or chat, so you’ll never have to worry about frustrating technical snags

At CRMDialer, implementation is our secret sauce!

Real Estate Communication

Streamline Scheduling And Communication

Between initial contacts, open houses, scheduled viewings, signings, and all the phone calls, texts, and emails that go on in between, your agents spend an enormous amount of time on scheduling and communications. CRMDialer is the ultimate tool to help them reclaim that time by allowing them to bring all of their scheduling, communications, and tasks into a single platform.

CRMDialer allows you to integrate both Gmail and Outlook so that rather than jumping around between different platforms for email, scheduling, document storage, and other tasks, your agents can perform them all seamlessly from one place. They can even send and retrieve signed legal documents using CRMDialer’s built-in eSignature abilities.

Any calendar changes or emails sent from Outlook and Gmail automatically sync to the CRM so that even when they’re in the field, your agents can still enjoy the organizational benefits of CRMDialer.

Revolutionize Your Marketing Efforts

Constant contact with prospective buyers and sellers is a huge part of successfully landing more clients, and CRMDialer provides you with a set of tools specifically designed to help you do it. The built-in communication tools – including an industry leading power dialer, brandable email templates, and SMS messaging – allow your agents and marketing team to send marketing messages and stay in touch with less hassle – working smarter, rather than harder.

Advanced website tracking means you can keep an eye on exactly how your prospects are interacting with your site content, and track that activity to individual lead accounts to help with targeting. And on top of all of that, our robust automatically generated reporting enables you to dig into the data to extract useful business and marketing intelligence, allowing you to better track and refine your team’s efforts.

Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Power Dialer

  • User the world-class power dialer to automate your outreach to prospective homeowners
  • Ensure that you perfectly time each call, so that you have a higher chance to close your leads
  • Follow up easily with all of your prospects regarding their decisions
  • Never miss a call by setting up your IVR and call queues within our system

Real Estate CRM

  • Use our revolutionary CRM to store and track your leads from prospects to paying customers
  • See and store all of your communication notes, documents, and recordings within each leads page, and pull it up at any moment, so that you hit the ground running with each conversation
  • Generate quotes and documents for your customers to gently nudge them to purchase the property that they are interested in

Real Estate Calendar

  • Track all of your calendar events, so that you can prepare your visit to various properties throughout the day
  • Complete your tasks directly from this page, to ensure that you never fall behind on a check-in with a lead
  • Easily sync your Google or Outlook calendar, so that you can see everything in one place

Real Estate Tasks and Appointments

  • Create tasks to ensure that you never forget to follow up with a prospect regarding their interest in certain properties
  • Create appointments so that you never forget your meetings with prospects, and hit the ground running on each call
  • Send email and text reminder emails to your appointments, to ensure that your no show rate falls heavily

Real Estate Email

  • Use our world class emailing to reach out to prospects through the most popular medium of communication
  • Create traditional and HTML graphical email templates for your prospects to receive
  • Personalize each email using special fields that pre-fill from your prospects lead page
  • Use our email validation features to check if emails will bounce before you even send an email. Less bounced emails, means a more productive you!

Real Estate Visitor Tracking

  • Use this world-class feature to see when prospects open an email, click the link, and then visit your site
  • When visitors return to your site, you will see a notification in real-time, as well as a link to the page they are currently viewing, and how long they spend on each page
  • All visitor tracking notifications are stored in the notes section of the leads page as well, which will allow you to analyze which properties your prospects are interested in

Real Estate Payment Collection

  • Collect payments from your prospects when they are ready to purchase a property
  • Set up the ability to collect payments through ACH or Credit Card
  • Send invoices to you customers directly from the system
  • Track all of your payments collected, bounced, voided, and more!

Real Estate SMS

  • Use the most powerful form of communication to speak directly with your prospects, and ensure that they are on the right track to purchase their new home
  • Send templated text messages to ensure that they never forget an on-site meeting or check in call to discuss which way they are leaning
  • Ensure a high open, and response rate, and that prospects do not go dark at any point with this tool
SMS Message

Real Estate Voicemail Drops

  • Use this dialing tool to get through more leads on a daily basis, and ensure that you are interesting as many prospects in new properties as possible
  • Leave a pre-recorded message, so that you can ensure that you get through as many calls as possible
  • Enjoy a high call back rate with this feature

Real Estate E-Signature

  • Generate E-Signature contracts for your prospects when they are ready to move forward with their new dream home
  • See when the document has been opened, when it has been signed, and then have it automatically uploaded to their leads page
  • Have fields within the document pre-filled based on information from the prospects lead page

Frequently Asked Questions

My team of agents is growing rapidly. Can CRMDialer keep up?

Yes! CRMDialer comes with no cap on lead accounts or document storage, meaning that no matter how big your brokerage or agency gets, you’ll always have unlimited space to add more leads and store more files. We can even provide you with an unlimited users plan so that you focus more on growth and less on costs.

Can CRMDialer help my team with our internal communications, or does it only work outbound?

CRMDialer comes with a built-in internal chat application that is easy to use, highly functional, and inspires team-wide adoption. It enables your team to communicate more transparently and to share information easier, resulting in reduced information siloing and improved organization-wide cohesiveness.