Online Charity Collection

Whether for weekly or special collections, holiday drives, or any other cause, CRMDialer makes it easy for your parishioners to give from the comfort of their homes. CRMDialer enables your church to process donations via credit card and eCheck either online or right over the phone. PCI Level 1 compliance means all transactions are completely secure, ensuring there is no potential downside to your church members’ good deeds.

Parish Management Tools Our Team Supports Your Team
  • Power dialer enables your staff to call parishioners with a single click or to work through a list of numbers with no-click automatic dialing
  • Full email integration and SMS messaging allows all electronic communication to be handled from a single platform
  • Advanced statistics provide information on calling, email open click rates, website visitors, and more
  • Built-in “helpdesk” allows you to designate an email to automatically generate “support” tickets and alert staff when parishioners reach out in need
  • Unlimited users and document storage make CRMDialer the ideal tool for organizing the business-side of your parish operations
  • CRMDialer’s expert support team offers email, chat, and telephone-based customer service to ensure your system will always run smoothly even if you don’t have an IT specialist available
  • Our team will provide your team with hours of client success training to ensure you get the most out of CRMDialer’s full suite of powerful features

A Powerful Communication Tool

Outreach is at the core of developing a strong and engaged community, and CRMDialer offers the tools needed to take your church’s communications to the next level. Gmail and Outlook integration mean you can bring all of your email and calendar activities under a single roof. Built-in SMS messaging allows you to message your parishioners directly on their mobile phones, and a fully-featured power dialer makes calling a breeze. CRMDialer also provides detailed analytics, so you can analyze which of your communications are most effective and tailor future messages to maximize engagement and community involvement.

Serve Your Parishioners on a Personal Level

CRMDialer is designed so that all communications and interactions with your church members are automatically logged to the relevant parishioner file. That means you can keep up to date on the status and lives of each and every member of your community. Parishioner profiles can easily be manually updated to reflect important information like birthdays, anniversaries, upcoming ceremonies and sacraments, and much more. With CRMDialer, even the largest congregations can be managed on an intimate, personal level.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a big congregation. How many members can I have in CRMDialer?

As many as you need to! CRMDialer offers unlimited contacts and parishioner profiles, so no matter how large your congregation grows, you’ll never run into limitations. We’re there to grow with you to ensure you can always offer your parish and your community the best service possible.

Do I need to be a “techy” to be able to use CRMDialer?

No! CRMDialer is extremely intuitive, and our outstanding support team will provide your administrators with the training they need to get the most out of your new CRM.

If I collect charity donations with CRMDialer, will my parishioners’ sensitive information be safe?

Absolutely. CRMDialer is PCI Level 1 compliant, meaning it meets or exceeds the highest industry standard for electronic data security. Your parishioners’ credit card and eCheck information will be securely encrypted so that you and your parishioners won’t have to worry about their information falling into the wrong hands.