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Medical Device Sales CRM

Boost the health of your team’s sales with CRMDialer

Selling medical devices is not easy. Each piece is a long-term investment, and the cost to the buyer is significant. There are also complex regulations governing the industry, and sales reps require specialized knowledge. CRMDialer is here to lighten the load on your sales team, so they can better focus their energies on the task of building strong relationships and moving more product in a complex industry.

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Medical Device Sales Tools Administration Made Easy
  • Manage your lead pipeline by automatically tracking activities and updates on each prospect
  • Make more of each call and get through call sheets faster with an industry-leading power dialer
  • Use eSignature to send out documents and get back signed contracts faster and easier than ever
  • Built-in credit card and eCheck processing allow your agents to accept payments right away, right over the phone
  • Automatically generate detailed reports on leads, sales, and more
  • Use the call recording feature to monitor agent performance, improve training, and ensure regulatory compliance
  • Use visitor tracking to easily analyze website effectiveness and email campaign success rates
  • Bring all communications, from email to chat to phone calls, into a single place, eliminating the wasted time associated with administering multiple platforms

Improve Lead Management and Relationship Quality

CRMDialer’s powerful lead management tools make it possible for sales reps to build a more effective lead pipeline, and to better target which leads deserve the most attention, and when. Each lead profile in CRMDialer automatically updates with each relevant phone call, email, meeting note, and uploaded documents. You can even track how leads are interacting with your website and emails. The result is that your sales team will have a deeper understanding of each lead, their needs, and where they are in the buying cycle.

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Medical CRM

A Powerful CRM Tool

The same tools that allow your team to keep track of leads also enable them to keep up to date on existing and past customers, as well as any other relevant contacts. That makes CRMDialer a powerful tool for building and maintaining relationships with doctors and healthcare providers, even if they aren’t necessarily in the market for equipment at the time.

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Streamline Medical Sales

Streamline Customer Service and Warranty Tasks

Medical devices are complex and expensive, and it’s in your company’s best interests to make sure any issues your customers have get dealt with quickly and effectively so that you can keep them as customers. CRMDialer’s built-in helpdesk makes handling customer service tasks and warranty issues easier than ever. The helpdesk can be easily integrated with your customer service email account so that every time a service message comes in, the system will automatically generate a ticket and alert your sales team or service reps. As your reps move the issue along, the ticket will automatically update with each new contact, ensuring a successful resolution and a happy customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can CRMDialer help with my sales team’s communications?

Absolutely. CRMDialer features a full suite of tools to help improve communications and minimize wasted time. That includes a built-in internal chat system, and Outlook and Gmail integration allowing agents to handle all of their email and scheduling from directly within the CRM.

Is there a limit to how many doctors I can import into the system?

CRMDialer allows both unlimited users and unlimited leads, so there is no cap on how many doctors and healthcare provider accounts you can keep in the system. In an industry like medical device sales, where the time between purchases can be significant, this is a huge benefit, as it means you’ll never be forced to delete a single prospect or customer from your CRM. The result is that your agents will have the information they need to close the deal when they need it, regardless of when the buyer is ready.

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