Outlook Integration

The Outlook Integration is now here and scheduled for a full release by the end of this month!!!

Users who use Outlook as their primary email client can now enjoy added flexibility when working with leads or while managing helpdesk tickets!


The new integration comes in the footsteps of the Outlook for Office 365 Calendar Integration that we had announced a while ago.


Between the two integrations, it is now possible to exchange emails with leads, manage Helpdesk tickets, and create calendar events — all of this without even signing into CRMDialer!


Manage your communications either from Outlook or from CRMDialer, and rest assured that the emails sent or received via a connected Outlook account will sync up and be displayed on the corresponding leads or Helpdesk tickets.


Let’s dive in and take a closer look!


Connecting Your Outlook Account


To connect an Outlook account to your CRM account, open your user settings page (by clicking on your username in the top-right corner and choosing “Settings”) and click Manage Emails:

Manage Emails


A popup will appear as shown in the below image. Click on the Outlook icon and you will be re-directed to the Outlook authentication page.

Add Outlook


Follow the Outlook’s authentication instructions on your screen and when you’re done, your Outlook account will show up in your Additional Emails list:

Additional Emails


Now when you launch a new email from CRMDialer, you will be able to choose the account from which to send the email:

Send Email


After your contact responds to your email, you will receive the response in Outlook and the email will also appear on the lead as a new note (together with the email attachments and inline images):

Outlook Response


To view the email, click on the mail icon in the top-right corner of the note. To reply or forward the email from the Lead, click on the Reply button.


Outlook Group Notifications


The Outlook integration comes with two more key features:


  • The ability to designate an Outlook account for sending group email notifications whenever new Lead notes are posted manually in CRMDialer


  • The ability to designate an Outlook account for Helpdesk Ticket creation and/or comments.


When you receive a lead notification from a designated Outlook account (after another user adds a lead note), you can reply to the notification email and your comments will be added in a new lead note!

Similarly, if you receive a Helpdesk notification from a designated Outlook account and reply to it, your comments will appear automatically in the ticket’s comments.


Linking an Outlook account to the Helpdesk also allows you to enable your clients to submit tickets by email without logging into CRMDialer.

When a client sends an email to a designated Outlook helpdesk address, a new ticket will be automatically created and the default users notified.


Setting Up Group Notifications


To link your Outlook accounts to Leads and the Helpdesk, open the Manage Group Settingspage via the Manage > Administration > Users & Groups > Manage Groups menu.

Then select the group you wish to edit, and link the desired accounts by clicking on the Outlookbuttons:

Group API


Once you click on the Outlook button, the user authentication procedure will be initiated in the same way as when linking a personal account.

After the procedure is completed the new Outlook account will be linked, and an Unlink action will be provided in case you want to unlink the account at any point:



For more information on adding and managing your Outlook accounts in CRMDialer please see our knowledge base article on Outlook Integration.


Stay tuned for more updates coming soon to a CRMDialer near you!!


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