We have just added the ability for IRIS CRM administrators to Change CRM Account Usernames! Previously, whenever a username needed to be changed the IRIS support team had to be contacted in order to make the change.


With the new feature, the IRIS CRM administrators no longer need to contact IRIS support. Instead, they can manage and update the usernames on their own whenever needed.


Here are the highlights of the new functionality.


Changing a Username


To change a username for a specific user account, navigate to Manage > User Accounts, locate the user whose username you wish to change, open the user’s settings page and click “Edit User”:


Edit User


Enter the new username and click “Save User”:


Save User


The user’s account will now be automatically deactivated and the user will receive an email containing a new temporary password and an activation link:


Password Update


The user’s settings page will also show a link enabling you to re-send the activation email if needed:


Activation Email Sent


After the username has been changed once, a new “History” button will be shown next to the username:




Using the “History” button you can view a complete history of the username changes:


History of changes


After the user clicks on the activation link received in the email, they will be asked to enter the temporary password and their new password:


User Activation


If the passwords have been entered correctly, a confirmation message will be shown, and the user can now start using their account with the new username and password:


Account Active



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