Are you a sales rep whisperer?


Do you like to help your reps close that deal faster while they’re on the phone with their prospect?


If your answer is in the affirmative, then read on!


We are excited to share a new enhancement that has just been added to CRMDialer — the Whisper & Barge In features!!

How To “Whisper and Barge In” On Calls


With the Whisper & Barge In features, sales managers no longer need to stand by passively while listening in on your sales reps’ calls.

Instead, help your reps tackle a tricky sales question or uncover a hidden opportunity by simply clicking on the Whisper button in the dialer, and pitching in with your input!

When you join a call in whisper mode, only your sales rep will hear you speak, while your prospect will continue to hear only the sales rep.


If needed, a sales maanger can even Barge In in on the call, and join the conversation with both the prospect and the sales rep.

Resolve sticky situations, help explain difficult concepts, and do a whole lot more at the best possible moment — while your prospect is on the line!


Here is how easy it is for a manager to whisper and barge in on live calls:






Your prospects will appreciate the superb care and service they receive, and your sales reps will hone their skills further. It’s a win-win-win for all!


For more information on how to use the Dialer reporting features, please see our knowledge base article on Dialer Metrics.


We hope you enjoy using the new Whisper and Barge In functionality!!


Stay tuned for more cool updates and features coming soon!

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