Auto Dialer for Mortgage Brokers

The mortgage business is competitive and hectic, and mortgage brokers work hard for their clients. But, while hard work is always at the core of success, finding ways to also work smarter is one of the keys to out-competing the field, closing more deals, and earning more. If your mortgage brokerage is looking to do just that, call automation software might be one of the most valuable tools you can adopt. Automatic dialing systems like power dialers are huge productivity boosters, offering benefits ranging from increased lead capacity to better lead interactions to stronger long-term relationships, and beyond. The right power dialer – especially when combined with a good CRM – is arguably the most powerful sales tool available to your brokerage today.


Contact More Leads with Less Effort

The most successful mortgage brokers have large professional networks and well-established lead generation systems that keep a steady stream of potential clients hitting their desks each day. It isn’t uncommon for a mortgage broker to make between 50 and 100 calls each day, especially when just getting established and hustling hard for new business. 

A good automatic dialing system like a power dialer makes it possible for you to reach out to all those new leads with less effort and in less time. That opens up extra opportunities each day for working on other important parts of the business or to call even more leads. 

Power dialers increase calling capacity by automating the most time-consuming aspects of sales calls – manually dialing numbers and waiting at the beep to leave messages. With a good dialer, you can automate your daily call lists, letting the system launch one call after another with no need to press a single key. Pre-recorded voicemail messages can also be left with a single click, enabling you to move on to the next lead without having to wait or give up the opportunity to make voicemail contact. 


Impress Leads on Inbound Calls

With a system like CRMDialer that combines a power dialer with a full-featured customer resource management system, your phone is connected directly to your entire lead management system and customer database. That connection ensures the valuable customer data from all of your telephone interactions is always fed into the CRM. It also gives you instant access to all the data you have stored on a given customer or lead while you’ve got them on the line. 

When a lead calls in, the call is answered through the CRM, automatically pulling up the lead’s profile. In an instant, you’ll have at-a-glance information on who’s calling and key points like how long it’s been since your last conversation, the lead’s status in your sales funnel, and any notes that have been added to the account through previous contacts. With that information, you can provide a far more personalized and far more impressive customer service experience, making the lead feel like your top priority, meeting their needs faster, and speeding up the overall recruitment process. In a competitive industry like mortgages and loans, that kind of personalization can be a difference-maker. 


Maintain More Consistent Contact to Boost Referrals

Once you’ve secured a mortgage for a client, your relationship doesn’t end. Or, at least it shouldn’t. Your former clients are one of the most valuable sources of new leads available, and maintaining a long-term relationship is the key to ensuring your brokerage is at the top of their minds when their friends get into the real estate market. 

A system like CRMDialer enables you to automatically schedule follow-up calls based on a client’s status in the system, ensuring consistent contact can be maintained without having to rely on memory or manual tracking. For instance, the CRM can be set to keep track of how long it’s been since the last touch with a customer and to automatically recategorize them as needing follow-up once a certain amount of time has passed. The system can then schedule a call automatically, provide you with a reminder automatically, and then make launching the call as simple as a single click. 


The sales and productivity benefits an automatic dialing system can offer to your mortgage brokerage go well beyond the three mentioned here and, when combined with a CRM, create one of the most powerful sales tools available today. 

To see what a fully-integrated power dialer and CRM can do for your brokerage, start your no-commitment free trial of CRMDialer today.