Using Call Automation Software to Improve the Telephone Sales

Call automation software is a productivity tool designed to completely replace the standard enterprise phone systems so common in offices around the world. It’s generally cloud-based, requiring the user to have nothing more than a computer and a headset, or in some cases even just a tablet or smartphone. Call automation software like power dialers are go-to systems in most high-volume calling environments, but they can make a big impact in any sales environment that leans heavily on the phone. Just a few of the benefits they offer include increased calling capacity, minimized agent fatigue, and a faster, more streamlined sales process. 


Reach More Prospects in Less Time

The first and most obvious benefit of call automation software is that it’s fast. Dialing numbers one by one is incredibly slow, and when you add in waiting for the beep to leave a message, it’s entirely possible that a sales agent could waste as much or more time in between calls than they actually spend on the line with prospects. That’s especially true in high-volume calling environments where time and efficiency are of top importance. 


Call automation software solves the efficiency problem entirely, enabling users to contact far more leads each day by eliminating the wasted time in between calls. Power dialers enable sales agents to build a queue out of their day’s call list in any order of priority they like, and, once launched, the system handles all the dialing automatically. As each call ends, the call automation software will pause to give the agent however much time they’ve set to regroup or take notes, and then the next call will be launched instantaneously, without the need to dial a single digit. 


One-click voicemail drop speeds things up even further, enabling sales agents to leave a preselected voicemail with a single click. Rather than wasting countless minutes each shift waiting for the beep, the dialer will launch the next call for the agent and then leave the pre-selected voicemail in the background before closing the line. 


Improve Sales Agent Focus to Improve Interactions

The manual mechanics of sales calling isn’t just slow, it’s also extremely tedious. Calling is exceptionally repetitive, and while it isn’t physically taxing, it absolutely takes a mental toll on agents – one reason high-volume call centers have such high turnover. 


But, regardless of the environment an agent is working in, spending a day making calls is extremely tiring. Adopting call automation software eases that strain by taking the most repetitive and tiring elements of calling off the agent’s plate. The result is that sales agents working the phones are fresher for the duration of their workday, which in turn ensures they’ll be sharper, more personable, and more focused when talking to prospects. Particularly towards the end of the day, that extra edge can be the difference between getting nowhere and advancing the sales process to the next step, or even getting a close on the spot. 


Integrate Call Automation with a CRM to Accelerate Sales

Call automation software can improve the sales process itself when combined with a good customer resource management system. CRMs collect and store valuable lead data, making it available to sales agents in an instant and enabling them to prepare better and execute a more personalized sales process. Combining call automation software with a CRM benefits agents and the sales process in two ways:

  1. It allows agents to tap into all of a company’s valuable lead data right while they’re on the phone, helping them to keep the sales process moving, impress leads, and better address objections. 
  2. It ensures sales calls become a source of customer data, automatically feeding information from every call into the system and making it easier than ever for agents to add notes for additional context. 

Many call automation systems can be connected with CRMs, but no two separate pieces of software can ever work together as well as a single, fully-integrated system like CRMDialer. CRMDialer combines a leading customer resource management platform with a full-featured power dialer right out of the box. And, because the two sides of the system were designed as one from the start, the user experience is frictionless and intuitive, ensuring agents never run into bottlenecks or glitches when collecting or accessing customer data. 


For a first-hand look at how a dialer-equipped CRM can improve your company’s sales process and boost productivity for all users, start your no-commitment 14-day free trial of CRMDialer today.