3 Top Ways to Generate Solar Sales Leads

Organic leads are cost-effective and often more responsive than leads you pay for. In an industry with margins as narrow as solar sales, tapping into cheaper leads with higher conversion rates can be the difference between success and failure, making organic leads key to your company’s success. The following are three of the best techniques solar companies like yours can utilize to find and capture more organic leads, keeping the top of your sales funnel full and keeping costs to a minimum. 


1) Leverage Existing Customers with a Strong Referral Program

Word of mouth referrals are the most effective means of lead generation in most industries, and it’s unquestionably the best in solar sales because it’s both extremely cost-effective and generates enthusiastic leads that are already well into the decision-making process. 

But word-of-mouth isn’t something you can just hope for. You need to enable it by creating an environment that makes it as easy as possible for happy customers to spread the word. Some companies grease the wheel by offering commissions on referral sales, but often just dropping off some brochures or business cards with happy customers is enough.


2) Hit the Pavement

One of the most important indicators of the likelihood a house will have a rooftop solar installation is how many other nearby houses also have one. Solar installations capture interest, and once a homeowner starts to see them pop up on neighbors’ houses, interest skyrockets. 

While going door-to-door is inefficient, time-consuming, and a headache in most industries, it can actually be effective in solar sales if you can identify subdivisions that already have high solar penetration. Going door-to-door in solar-heavy neighborhoods enables you to get your business in front of homeowners already statistically likely to have an above-average level of interest — a potentially lucrative source of organic leads. 


3) Automate Lead Collection from Everywhere with a Solar CRM

Potential leads are everywhere, and every single day solar companies miss out on countless opportunities to collect them due to limited lead generation strategies. Whether they’re paying for leads or generating them organically, because the process of capturing leads has a cost — either in time, effort, or money — most solar companies just don’t capture nearly as many as they could be. One of the best ways to start turning those missed opportunities into captured prospects is to adopt a solar customer resource management (CRM) system that will help put omni-channel lead collection on autopilot. 

A solar CRM enhances lead collection and management by optimizing as much of the process as possible. For instance, with a CRM, a simple web form can be used to automatically capture lead data into a database — a far more robust solution than a stand-alone autoresponder. A CRM can even be used to capture leads from inbound phone calls. Rather than a staff member having to remember to capture data from an inbound call and manually enter it into a spreadsheet, a CRM with a built-in power dialer can automatically create a new lead account, and whichever of your team members takes the call can simply add a name into the system right on the call. 


Seizing more opportunities to capture organic leads is an efficient and effective way to boost your prospecting at essentially no additional cost, and there is no better tool to help you do it than CRMDialer. CRMDialer is the solar industry’s top customer resource management CRM, offering a full suite of tools designed to help solar sales organizations capture more leads, convert more into paying customers, and deliver the highest quality service possible — the key to happy customers, more referrals, and even more sales. 

To find out more about everything CRMDialer can do for your solar sales company, reach out to a member of the team, or start your no-commitment free trial of CRMDialer today.