• Lead Management and Conversion – How Taking Better Care of Your Leads Can Help Turn More of Them into Paying Customers

    Lead Management and Conversion

    Ask any salesperson what they value most in their jobs, and they’ll probably tell you that it’s a hot lead. Effective lead management, from development right through to closing a deal, makes everyone’s job easier. It also ensures an effective, efficient sales process can be delivered to each and every prospect, greatly increasing the odds […]

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  • Can I Make Money as a Debt Collector?

    Debt Collector

    Debt collection is an industry that serves an important purpose in commerce, ensuring that companies don’t drown in their unpaid accounts receivable and helping businesses to keep the doors open. That makes debt collection a potentially lucrative field for people with the right set of skills, and there trillions of dollars in outstanding consumer debt […]

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  • Forget about Traditional Debt Collection Software, Look to Customer Resource Management Instead

    Debt Collection Software

    Debt collection is all about working with people, but forward-thinking collectors have long used software to help enhance those interpersonal interactions. That’s especially important considering the people debt collectors generally work with, are people who don’t particularly want to pay, so anything that can grease the process is of great value. But the traditional software […]

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  • Scaling Growth by Leveraging a Power Dialer CRM Created for Debt Collection

    Debt Collection

    While digital communications have overtaken the telephone in a number of industries, in the debt collection world, the phone call is still king. Luckily, modern technology has improved the efficiency and effectiveness of phone communications too, with the advent of internet-based power dialers. CRMDialer, one of the most full-featured customer resource management tools on the […]

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  • Best Practices for Using a CRM in Debt Collection

    Debt Collection

    Let’s face it: No one likes a debt collector. But with collective household debt in the U.S. totaling more than $13.29 trillion, and approximately 70 million Americans with at least one debt in collection, it’s an industry that’s not likely going anywhere any time soon. And for those looking to get into the business, it […]

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