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  • Three Keys to Running a Successful Solar Power Store

    Solar Power

    Once a fringe technology, photovoltaic technology is quickly becoming mainstream, and every year the industry marches closer to mass adoption. With massive growth projected well into the future, many entrepreneurs are jumping at the opportunity to get into the game early on, and solar equipment stores are popping up in towns all across America. But, […]

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  • The Art of Selling in Any Industry – Five Methods to Improve the Sales Process and Close More Deals

    Sales and Marketing

    The ability to sell is a skill that transcends industry boundaries and applies regardless of the product or service being sold. While certain adjustments must be made, the techniques and qualities that make a good salesperson are essentially universal, which is why the most successful salespeople can jump from industry to industry without missing a […]

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  • Top Mortgage CRM Software


    Customer resource management technology is designed to revolutionize the way your business handles all customer-facing activity, from communications to tracking to lead management. That makes it an ideal tool for your mortgage brokerage, where success is predicated on the quality of relationships you develop with your leads and clients. A good CRM software also offers […]

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  • Understanding the Solar Power Industry and Its Unstoppable Push Towards Widespread Adoption

    Solar Panel Sales

    With each passing year, clean energy becomes more of a priority all around the globe. And while there are a number of renewable energy technologies currently available, ranging from wind to geothermal, solar power is still the type most accessible to the average consumer looking to reduce their dependence on non-renewable sources. The constantly growing […]

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  • Improving Church Management and Organization with Customer Resource Management Tools

    Church Management and Organization with Customer Resource Management

    Managing a parish isn’t easy, but it’s an important job. The church is often the center of an entire community, be it a single neighborhood or even an entire town, and keeping the administration-side running smoothly is a major challenge. Luckily, modern productivity tools like customer resource management platforms are ideal for busy parishes looking […]

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