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  • What is the Best CRM For Loan Officers?

    Loan Officer

    Customer resource management technology is revolutionizing the way professionals in almost all industries handle their customer-facing and administrative tasks. As a loan officer, there is a good chance that the brokers you speak to regularly are already using a CRM, and you stand to benefit from using one as well. The following are just a […]

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  • Combining Customer Resource Management and Softphones

    Customer Resource Management and Softphones

    Customer resource management tools have been exploding in popularity and revolutionizing the way businesses handle their sales, lead management, and marketing processes. Now, CRMDialer is enabling companies to add calling to that list, thanks to the platforms built-in softphone. CRMDialer’s industry-leading best power dialer software fully replaces a company’s existing phone system, eliminating monthly phone […]

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  • How to Use Solar CRM Software to Automate Lead Generation

    solar technology

    Lead generation is at the heart of all sales processes, and it’s especially important in solar sales, where rising competition and falling prices have made the industry incredibly competitive. One great tool that solar equipment consultants, retailers, and installers can utilize to help sharpen their competitive edge is solar CRM software. Customer resource management tools […]

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  • The Best Power Dialer for Sales Environments

    Best Power Dialer

    While the radio, print, and even TV advertising have all felt the sting of the transition to web-dominance in the modern digital age, telemarketing has survived essentially unscathed because it works. But modern technology is not the enemy of the telemarketer, because digital tools now make telemarketing more effective than ever. CRMDialer is just such […]

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  • How to Automate Your Recruitment Process with ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder

    Automate Your Recruitment Process

    Fewer things are more important to the success of your business than your recruitment process. If you believe that your people are your most valuable asset, you need to pay more attention to how you attract and hire the right people for your business. The recruitment process is notoriously inefficient. Services like ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder […]

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