• Why A CRM Is Important for Solar Companies Working Remotely

    Solar Companies

    Solar sales is an industry that lends itself very well to remote work. There is really no requirement for centralized offices or storefronts, as solar equipment is not something the consumer walks in off the street to browse. That means forward-thinking solar companies have already embraced decentralized workforces, and, in the wake of the COVID-19 […]

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  • What Features Do You Need from A CRM to Make Your Solar Call Center Successful?

    Solar Call Center Successful

    The solar industry is in a constant state of growth, and as the world comes to terms with the consequences of fossil fuel use on our environment, the demand will only grow. At the same time, technology is improving at incredible speeds, and the cost of equipment is falling equally rapidly. More and more entrepreneurial […]

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  • Why a Dialer is So Important for Your Solar Call Center?

    Solar Call Center

    Improvements in solar technology are changing the way we think about commercial and residential power generation, and improvements in sales technology are changing the way solar sales companies approach business. One area of tech many solar sales companies are turning to is call center software and power dialers – tools designed to make high-volume calling […]

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  • Solar Sales & Tech – Trends to Watch in 2020

    Solar Sales & Tech

    With each passing year, the issues facing our planet and the problems with our dependence on fossil fuels become clearer and clearer. It’s no surprise that as that happens, the popularity and acceptance of solar power among both industrial and consumer markets continue to grow. 2020 promises to be another banner year for the solar […]

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  • Is Solar Sales a Good Career?

    Solar Sales

    Solar energy was once seen as a pipe dream due to inefficient technology and high costs, but today, it’s a completely realistic and viable method of power production that is quickly chipping away at more traditional methods – namely, the burning of fossil fuels like coal. As a result, more and more people are taking […]

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