5 Ways the Power Dialer Makes CRMDialer the Ultimate Sales and Productivity Tool

The telephone is still one of the most powerful tools available to any sales organization, but the days of picking up a handset and dialing lead after lead are long gone – or, at least, they should be. Technology has now made it possible to completely streamline call center operations while simultaneously fusing them with some of the most powerful sales and business intelligence software available today. That technology is CRMDialer – the ultimate fusion of customer resource management and cloud-based power dialing. Thanks to CRMDialer’s unique combination of these two powerful sales tools, your team stands to enjoy a host of sales, productivity, and customer service benefits, of which the following five represent just the tip of the iceberg.  


1) Reclaim Time and Improve Employee Morale by Eliminating Repetitive Tasks

High-volume phone sales is a tough gig for a couple of reasons. First, time is money, and efficiency is king, which means there is enormous pressure on agents to make as many calls as humanly possible each day. The second is that the work is extremely repetitive, and dialing numbers and reading from a script all day can really wear sales agents down. That, in turn, leads to slower work, inefficiency, and more stress due to reason number one.

CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer eliminates both of those problems by automating the most repetitive tasks phone agents are faced with throughout an average shift. Rather than manually dialing – a mind-numbing and slow process – agents can launch calls with a single click, or build out call queues and let the software handle the dialing for them completely automatically. Agents can also say goodbye to having to sit through messages and wait for the beep to leave voicemail, thanks to CRMDialer’s one-click voicemail drop. The time these tools save means higher productivity and less stress on your team  – a powerful combo. 


2) Keep Your Customers Happier and Boost Service Quality with IVR

There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than being left on hold for what seems like an eternity or constantly shuffled around from department to department without getting any actual help. And when a customer’s blood starts to boil, it’s your agents who generally bear the brunt of their fury. That makes it impossible to overstate the value of a good interactive voice response (IVR) system capable of getting a customer to the right extension as quickly as possible.

The IVR system included in CRMDialer enables you to quickly and easily set up unlimited options and extensions through a simple configuration dashboard, ensuring your customers will always have easy access to the options they need, no matter how complex your calling tree may be. It also offers round-robin distribution so that, in the event a customer chooses a group extension or presses zero, calls will automatically be distributed evenly to eliminate the possibility of agent overload and ensure minimum wait times.


3) Supercharge Your Out-of-Area Answer Rates with CRMDialer’s Local Presence

Your team can’t make sales if they can’t get customers on the line, making answer rates an extremely important metric. But if you operate in large population centers or across state lines, you probably know the sting of low answer rates well, because prospects are far less likely to pick up a call when they see an unfamiliar area code on their call display. 

CRMDialer’s Local Presence feature recaptures those prospects by enabling your team to choose the phone number they call from, right from their computers within the power dialer’s control dashboard. When reaching out to a group of leads outside of your geographical area, all your agents have to do is switch their number to a matching area code, and watch answer rates soar by up to 65%. 


4) Create Laser-Targeted Training Plans Based on Actual Agent Performance

Mastering sales is a lifelong learning process, and even your top agents have blind spots and weaknesses that could use refining in order to help them close more deals. But generalist training is ineffective. To really help your agents reach their full potential, you need to be able to offer each of them training specifically geared towards their own unique needs. CRMDialer’s calling software enables you to do exactly that. 

The power dialer’s call recording feature makes it easy for your management or HR team to pull up records of your sales team and support agents’ calls for reference at any time. The listen-in, whisper, and barge features also enable you to listen to live calls, and to speak directly to either the agent or the customer right while a call is in progress. The result is unparalleled quality control and the ability to develop laser-target training programs. 


5) Access Everything from a Single, Centralized Point of Control in CRMDialer

CRMDialer’s built-in power dialer lets you access everything you need for effective, efficient sales and support calling from anywhere within the CRM. That means regardless of what your agents or support staff are doing, if the need to make a call arises, they can have that call launched within seconds, without the need to switch platforms or waste a single minute. 

And because the power dialer is fully integrated with the rest of the CRM, all aspects of your lead database and all of the CRM’s features can be accessed at any time during live calls within a matter of a few clicks. That puts the full power of customer resource management at your team’s fingertips on each and every call, providing a huge enhancement to your sales process and the quality of your customer service. 

To find out more about the full list of features included in CRMDialer’s cloud-based dialing software, check out the power dialer page. If you’ve heard enough and are ready to see CRMDialer in action, start your no-commitment free trial and start benefiting from the synthesis of CRM and power dialing today!