CRMDialer enables you to accept E-Check payments right from a customer’s record or lead!

You can begin to process payments quickly and securely through our payments form that looks like this:



To enable E-Check payments, follow these easy steps:

  1. Contact Paya (formerly Sage EFT) and request that your account is marked as coming from IRIS CRM and set to ‘FILE’.  Our support team can assist you with the setup if you have any questions by emailing
  2. Get the Terminal ID, navigate to Manage > Administration > Payments > Paya ACH Profiles, copy the ID in the provided box, and click Enable:
  3. Confirm your transaction limit with Paya so that large amounts are not declined.
  4. After getting confirmation that the internal setup is complete, create a profile for a person or business in the Manage > Administration > Payments > Paya ACH Profiles page and to do two test transactions (1 debit, 1 credit) under is $1.00 is ideal with two different amounts.
  5. When your test transactions are confirmed as having gone through on the bank accounts, you may then create real transactions from your leads, here’s how.
  6. Contact your CRM Support to configure your email address for ACH notifications and to enable the payment permissions for System Admin and Administrators.


Sign up for a free CRM account today because it’s free forever and good for up to two users. When you’re ready, scale up to the Plus account (per month, per user charges) or an unlimited users CRM account for a simple flat fee.

Either option that you choose will provide a single platform that performs many vital functions for you, including payment processing, without having to log in and out of multiple systems.