Beat Your Best Sales Numbers In 2020

The sales environment becomes more and more competitive each year as customers’ expectations for personalization and service increase. But with a little refinement in your sales process and some help from the newest sales tech, there is no reason 2020 can’t be your best year to date. The following are four easy, but highly effective techniques you can put to work in your sales calls starting today to help you deliver a better experience to your prospects and close more deals, making 2020 your best year yet. 

Know Your Call Inside and Out

Whether you’re meeting with a prospect in person or handling a sales call over the phone, it’s imperative that you know the prospect’s business, and their needs, inside and out. That means pre-call research; and while the idea of doing homework gives some salespeople bad flashbacks to high school, it’s too important to ignore. Pre-call research not only ensures a salesperson will have the best possible chance of addressing a prospect’s needs, but it also ensures they’ll make a positive impression, and the perception of professionalism counts for a lot. 

Never, Ever, Guess

A huge part of the sales process is rooting out and addressing objections. Your prospects are not just going to listen to your pitch, smile, and cut you a check. They’re going to have questions and concerns. And when they do, if you aren’t sure of how to answer them, never guess. For one thing, most prospects will be able to smell your uncertainty a mile away. Worse still, if your guess is wrong, it could come back to bite you later in the sales process or after the deal is signed, and that’s a surefire way to undermine the trust you’ve worked hard to build. 

Never Trash Talk the Competition

It can be tempting to bad mouth the competition as a way to try to differentiate your product and your offer, but it’s a mistake. There is a psychological phenomenon called spontaneous trait transference, in which the listener perceives the communicator as having the traits they’re trying to describe in others. So, while you think you’re trash-talking your competitors, you’re actually risking souring your prospect on your own company. It just isn’t worth it. There are better ways to sell. 

Embrace Technology to Enhance the Sales Process in 2020

Sales are still all about relationships, but the modern sales process has been revolutionized by the huge leaps we’ve made in data collection and analysis. There are now software tools available to salespeople and sales organizations designed to use prospect and customer data to supercharge the sales process, known as customer resource management systems. CRM platforms automate as much of the sales process as possible and make all of a prospect’s or existing customer’s historical data available in a matter of a few clicks, ensuring salespeople can deliver a more effective, more personalized sales process to every lead. 

CRMDialer is the leading customer resource management platform on the market today, with a full suite of sales and productivity tools designed to streamline and enhance not only your sales calls but all aspects of your operations as well. For more information on how CRMDialer can help your organization improve everything from your lead management to your billing and payments, visit to schedule a guided demonstration today