Customer Resource Management and Softphones

Customer resource management tools have been exploding in popularity and revolutionizing the way businesses handle their sales, lead management, and marketing processes. Now, CRMDialer is enabling companies to add calling to that list, thanks to the platforms built-in softphone. CRMDialer’s industry-leading best power dialer software fully replaces a company’s existing phone system, eliminating monthly phone bills and tying inbound and outbound calling into the same easy-to-use program used for all other communications and a host of other operational functions. 


Boosted Calling Efficiency and Productivity 

CRMDialer’s built-in softphone suite offers a host of tools designed to boost calling efficiency and productivity, enabling agents to make more calls – a key to success in the numbers game of telemarketing. 

CRMDialer eliminates the need for manual dialing by giving agents the option to make their outgoing calls with only a single click or to fully automate the process using preset call queues and zero-click automatic dialing. The platform also offers voicemail drop – the ability to leave a voicemail automatically with a single click, without having to wait for the beep. The impact of these two features alone on outbound calling efficiency can’t be overstated. 

On the inbound side, CRMDialer offers a full IVR call routing system that handles all inbound calling, guiding callers to the correct extensions, automatically distributing general calls evenly between staff, and enabling custom promotional messages to be set for hold times. When multiple callers are in the hold queue, CRMDialer enables agents to cherry-pick which call to take next, ensuring that important clients are never kept waiting. 


Higher Answer Rates with Local Presence 

Companies that employ phone sales out-of-area or across state lines know how detrimental an unfamiliar call display number is to the entire process. When a prospect sees an unfamiliar area code pop up, they’re far less likely to answer the phone than they are when the area code is local – even when they don’t recognize the rest of the number. 

CRMDialer solves that problem with its local presence dialer feature. With Local Presence, agents can select the area code and number that their calls display as, ensuring that the number the prospect sees is always in line with their geographical location. That geographical targeting can increase answer rates by up to 65% – an enormous improvement with the potential to significantly boost sales numbers. 


Better Management and Training Tools

CRMDialer’s power dialer includes a full reporting suite designed to enable better management decisions by providing higher-quality business intelligence. Reports can be generated on everything from the total number of calls, calls per agent, talk time per call, answer rates, wait times, number of follow-ups, and much more. The result is a deeper understanding of calling operations and, as a result, an improved ability to plan for the future.

CRMDialer also makes it possible for managers to monitor the quality of calling thanks to the platform’s call recording and playback features, as well as real-time listen-in capability. Those features enable managers to identify which members of their teams are the most in need of training, and to tailor training programs specific to their individual strengths and weaknesses. The improvements that can be made to a sales environment with that kind of targeted training are immense. 

CRMDialer’s softphone integration is just one of the platform’s many features specifically designed to boost productivity, reduce busywork, lower costs, and increase profits. 

For more information on CRMDialer’s robust customer and lead management software, or on any of the platform’s built-in sales and productivity features. You can schedule a free demonstration, reach out to our team, or, better yet, start your free trial now!