How a Solar Dialer Converts Leads Faster

Time is money, and in a cut-throat industry like solar sales, you simply can’t afford to have the sales process take a minute longer than it needs to. Every day you aren’t closing new deals, your competitors are gobbling up more and more of the market. And with margins shrinking as solar technology becomes cheaper and more efficient, losing market share just isn’t an option. 

Forward-thinking companies are increasingly turning to technology to help them do more with less, and power dialers are arguably one of the most popular pieces of tech currently being employed on the solar battlefield. Power dialers offer a multitude of benefits to companies in all industries, from cost advantages over traditional phone systems to reduced agent fatigue. But, in the solar industry, the key benefit power dialers offer is the ability to convert leads into customers faster by improving qualification speed, increasing agent reach, and bringing the sales process into the 21st century. 


A Solar Dialer Enables Faster Qualification

Volume is important when it comes to keeping the top of your sales funnel full, but beyond that very first stage in the process, quality is what counts. That requires your team to carefully vet and qualify every lead that enters your funnel, categorizing and prioritizing each to determine their value and how best to move them towards a sale (or not.) Failure to properly qualify prospects inevitably leads to time and resources being wasted chasing down the wrong customers. 

A solar dialer enables you to ensure proper qualification by increasing your team’s capacity to reach out to and speak to leads. Proper qualification and categorization take time, and the faster you can move leads out of raw status, the faster you can determine which are hottest, which need more time, and which are junk. The productivity tools included in CRMDialer’s solar dialer, like no-click dialing and one-click voicemail drop, automate your agents’ most repetitive tasks, enabling them to get through more calls each day, and, in turn, to more efficiently sort leads and move the most qualified towards a close. 


A Solar Dialer Expands Your Reach

Solar equipment sales is a competitive industry, and a long reach is key to diluting competition and carving out your chunk of the market. Naturally, the telephone is the best possible tool for initial expansion, as it’s far more cost-effective than sending outside sales staff into the field and racking up the costs associated with long-term business travel. But there is one major trap that can gut the ROI on even the most well-prepared out-or-area calling campaigns – low answer rates. If a lead won’t pick up your calls, they’re useless to you. Unfortunately, that’s a major risk, because when a consumer sees an unfamiliar area code on their call display, the chances of them picking up go way down. 

A good solar dialer solves the problem of low answer rates through a feature called Local Presence. Local Presence enables you to preload the system with as many phone numbers as you’d like from all over the country. When your agents call a long-distance prospect, they can simply select a corresponding local number from a dropdown list, and the lead’s call display will light up with a familiar local area code. The impact is undeniable, with answer rates improving by 65% or more.


A Solar Dialer Empowers the Sales Process Through Data

Your agents face a number of common friction points when trying to sell solar equipment, not the least of which is the fact that they’re trying to sell expensive solutions with long payback periods to customers who often don’t see the immediate need for them. That means every aspect of the sales process – from determining customer needs, to educating them on options and benefits, to addressing objections, to the close – has to be as effective and efficient as possible. A big part of that is the skill of your agents, but the tools you provide them with also play a huge role as well. 

A good dialer tied in with a high-end customer resource management platform is the ultimate solar sales tool because it augments and enhances your agents’ abilities through each step of the sales process. In the case of CRMDialer, the fully integrated dialer and CRM capture the key data from each agent-lead interaction, and put that valuable customer data at your agents’ fingertips right while they’re on the phone. That ensures agents will never waste time rehashing the same issues twice, will never lose track of customer objections or inquiries, and will always be able to keep the process moving forward. Real-time access to customer data also enables agents to keep track of a lead’s personal information, and very little conveys a sense of importance and care to a lead more strongly than a sales agent remembering an important personal detail.  


The benefits offered by a high-end dialer like the one included in CRMDialer are myriad. But CRMDialer goes well beyond just calling, offering your solar company tools designed to improve all areas of your business, from closing deals faster with eSignable digital contracts, to facilitating faster invoicing and smoother electronic payments, to improving your service and installation scheduling, to daily administration, and beyond. 

If you’re ready for a firsthand look at everything the platform can do to boost your solar sales, start your completely free 14-day trial of CRMDialer today!