Successful recruiting firms take a proactive approach to find talent, work to keep up with the latest technology and have strong branding to set themselves apart from their competitors. The job market as a whole is constantly evolving and changing, requiring recruiting firms to keep up. And that’s just one of the challenges firms face today. Some of the other top challenges in recruiting today include:

  • Fast-paced demand: In many industries, the demand for top-notch candidates outpaces the supply. The recruiting process moves quickly in this competitive environment — any delays could mean the difference between signing on the best candidates or missing the boat. Having a recruiting CRM that keeps you organized and in-touch lets you keep up with this fast pace.
  • Branding: You want the best candidates. So do your competitors. Sometimes your brand image can make all the difference. Differentiating your firm from the rest of the crowd requires a different approach. The tools you get with top-notch recruiting software and CRM can help you do just that.
  • Engaging with candidates: When you’re spending all your time making cold calls, slogging through databases and performing manual data entry, you lose out on opportunities to engage with the very candidates you’re trying to attract. The right recruiting CRM frees up one of your firm’s most valuable commodities — time. Then recruiters can do more to find top talent, engage with them and convince them of the benefits of signing with your company.

To overcome the challenges your firm faces, streamline your business processes and support a booming business, you need the right recruiting software on your side. That’s where CRMDialer comes into play because this isn’t just any recruiting CRM. This platform is an all-in-one solution that recruiters use for all their essential functions. Search your candidate database, send out emails, make calls and build strong relationships — all in one easy-to-use platform.

What Makes CRMDialer So Unique

For starters, CRMDialer gives you a unified solution that replaces your phone system and gives you all the recruiting CRM tools you need for your business to thrive. Need more information? Consider the top six benefits of CRMDialer for recruiting firms.

Manage Your Database

Database Lead Screen

Better organization means better management of your pipelines. To get the most out of your real estate CRM, choose one with a database that lets you quickly and easily search using key parameters set by candidates and/or employers. CRMDialer gives you a database with space for unlimited leads and contacts. The platform’s lead importer offers user assignments and bulk email validation. The database gives managers, teams and individual users notifications as potential talent moves through the recruiting cycle from prospect to a candidate. It also gives you customizable views that every user can create for themselves.

Keep Up with Your Busy Calendar

Never miss a follow-up or appointment again with the calendar integrations built right into this recruiting CRM. You can sync your appointments and tasks with Outlook 365 Calendar and Google Calendar, automate reminders and even manage calendars for other people on the team.

Make and Receive Calls Right from Your Browser

Power Dialer

This is a power dialer CRM. It fulfills all your needs and replaces your existing phone system. Consider it your very own call center cloud. This completely integrated phone system gives you click to call functionality for faster dialing. Call queues let recruiters reduce the amount of time they spend dialing, leaving them with more time to engage with the talent they’re trying to attract. You also get voicemail drops, automatic call recording and IVR, which makes sure all your calls get routed appropriately — no receptionist needed.

Enjoy Integrated Email and Email Templates

Integrated email with templates is very important for recruiting agencies. Do all your emails from your new recruiting CRM platform. CRMDialer’s integrated email lets you sync to your Gmail or Outlook accounts. It also gives you some sweet capabilities, including:

  • Tracking all emails
  • Automatically binding them to their records
  • Scheduling the date and time for emails to be sent based on when you think prospects and candidates are most likely to read them and respond

It also lets you create your own email templates to make sending recruitment emails a breeze. That means you can design a template for each type of contact you make — outreaching with and without referrals, follow-ups, responses and more.

Connect Seamlessly to Key Resources

With other recruiting software, you have to log out of your CRM and log into a separate system to access important resources. CRMDialer does things differently with integration with ZipRecruiter and CareerBuilder that enables recruiters to pull in candidates that apply to specific jobs. It also includes real-time visitor tracking that lets you see when prospects visit your website and what they’re interested in with a pop-up that lets recruiters know exactly what they need to know while it’s happening.

Create a Collaborative Environment

Appointment Board

CRMDialer’s built-in chat function lets everyone in the firm share information, images, files and ideas in a single, searchable spot. For it to work well, the chat feature should be easily searchable so you can find archived files, search by candidate name or search by topic. That’s an amazing way to bolster teamwork within your recruiting firm while also giving everyone access to the info they need right at their fingertips. You can create public and private channels and have one-on-one chats or group chats as needed.

With its newest feature, Tech Hub, the platform also gives you B2B chat capability. So you can easily chat with hiring managers. After all, the importance of building great relationships with hiring managers can’t be overstated. Why not have the most cutting edge tools on your side to help nurture it?

What Else Can You Expect from CRMDialer?

We think those are some outstanding features. But that’s not all you get when you use this all-in-one solution for your recruiting firm. Some of the additional tools loaded into this platform include:

  • Electronic signature lets you speed up the process of onboarding new candidates and eSign anyone from anywhere in the world, any time of day.
  • Capture leads from your website and distributes them to recruiters for follow up and first-contact.
  • Powerful reporting analytics help you identify the emails with the best open, click and reply rates so you know what approaches work, and real-time call monitoring lets managers listen in or whisper to recruiters if they need an assist and playback call recordings for training purposes.
  • Email tracking and notifications let you focus your attention on engaged prospects and reach out to candidates at just the right time.
  • Highly accurate speech recognition makes data entry, taking notes and writing emails roughly three times faster than typing.
  • Helpdesk system is built right in that lets you make sure all issues are dealt with quickly and efficiently so you can provide the ultimate service to your clients.

CRMDialer gives you a powerful arsenal of tools designed to help you get organized, streamline your tasks and stay on top of the day-to-day so you can focus more on building strong relationships with hiring managers and finding the best talent out there. You get it all — and it’s an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform with simple, straightforward pricing (and no contracts necessary). No hidden fees. No gimmicks. Just the tools you need to operate a thriving, bustling recruiting firm.