One of the most frustrating (and motivating) things about working in sales is the constant push and pull. In order to maximize your potential earnings, you need to maximize your capacity to close as many deals as possible. Or maximize your capacity to close as many large deals as possible. Closing inbound sales have never been easier.

Achieving one or the other requires building quality relationships.

Customers want personalization. To cut through the noise of a busy inbox, you need to provide value and display that what you have to sell aligns with the specific needs of the recipient.

This is where the rub lies. If you’re simultaneously aiming for both quantity and quality, you’re inevitably going to need time. And a lot of it.

So how do you find more of it when the hours in a day remain constant?

The answer: put tools to work that can help in driving your sales productivity. Here’s how to boost your sales with the help of CRMDialer.

Optimize Your Lead Management

It begins with leads. Thoughtful lead management can make a difference in your ability to qualify and follow up on new opportunities, quickly and effectively.

With CRMDialer, you can easily track an unlimited number of users, leads, and contacts within the CRM dashboard. Avoid duplicate records and data entry errors with the ability to import new entries in bulk via spreadsheet or the CRMDialer API. You can then customize your dashboard around status, automatically notifying internal stakeholders as deals move further down the pipeline.

Streamline Proposal Sends

There’s nothing worse than a deal held up on account of customer signatures. When you’re so close to the finish line, eliminating paperwork delays is key.

The e-signature functionality offered through CRMDialer ensures that your sales cycle won’t be held up by incomplete documentation. Upload any PDF form to make it e-signature-ready in minutes for both single and multi-signer contracts.

Sync Multiple Inboxes and Calendars

The busywork of simply setting appointments and managing your calendar — let alone multiple calendars — can take up a surprising amount of time in salesperson’s day. A simple workflow for alleviating that time spent starts with synchronization.

Rather than switching back and forth between multiple inboxes and platforms, consolidate your efforts through the CRMDialer dashboard. You can stay up to date on every task and appointment set with the ability to integrate both Google and Microsoft calendars instantly.

Activate Voice Recognition for Notes and Emails

Better track the personalized ins and outs of every lead you contact with thorough and timely notes. Voice recognition capabilities offered through CRMDialer make it possible for you to update lead entries with spoken work turned accurate text.

You can also put this technology to work in drafting your emails. For salespeople constantly on-the-go, this is especially useful. Capture every crucial detail needed for closing a deal as you move from discovery call to proposal meetings and beyond.

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