Hand is putting money in the pocket

While you’re driving your new business sales with best practices in CRM, are you sure you’re not missing additional opportunities for inbound sales? Today we’re going to talk about three essential steps to incorporate into your sales strategy, maximizing sales and not leaving money on the table.

Always Be Upselling

You have a new customer, a captivated audience member, purchasing from your company. Don’t forget the power of upselling. Offer additional services or products that may best complement their current purchase. Offer more than one, to provide options instead of a “yes” or “no.” Watch your sales increase marginally at first and exponentially as you build upselling momentum.

Ask For Referrals

Congratulations, you’ve not only made a sale, but this particular customer has boasted rave reviews of your company and services. Make the most of that customer engagement success story by reaching out to ask for referrals. People trust referral business, and if every satisfied customer were to refer one new customer to your business, you could imagine the growth potential. Take the referral business a step further by asking all your buyers for feedback and referral business with a structured referral program. Build on the best experiences your company has offered and use those to generate new audiences.

Follow Up For Repeat Business

Know your buyers’ cycles and be prepared with a follow-up strategy after the sale. Whether it’s seasonally, annually or monthly, stay in touch with your customer base to promote top-of-mind awareness for your company and build lasting consumer relationships. Offering newsletters, special incentives or just sending thank you cards can help secure your repeat business for the long term.

Make the most of your new business efforts with these extras and track those results to make sure you’re not missing additional opportunities for sales. To discuss these ideas or to take a deeper dive into your current strategies.

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