Online Payments And Sales

Chargebacks, collections and errors — oh, my! If you’re tired of the old way of doing things, then this quick guide to one of CRMDialer’s newest innovative features is for you.

See, for far too long now, businesses like yours have had to rely on payment acceptance systems that were separate from their CRMs. In a perfect world, that may not seem like a big deal, but having separate systems often leads to data entry errors, redundancy, murky financial visibility, questionable cash flow and tons of time spent reconciling information. Complaints about hidden fees and high costs associated with payment acceptance platforms are another problem many businesses have faced.

But that’s all in the past.

CRMDialer can help with your online payment and sales in many ways. Having an all-in-one solution provides benefits like:

  • More time: You don’t need to dedicate your own time or the time of someone on your team for manual data entry because our payment acceptance feature loads all those details for you into the CRM database.
  • Fewer errors: Instead of manually entering the data into your CRM, it’s all automatically recorded in customer files.
  • Improved visibility: Not only can you see exactly what’s going on with your financials, but you’re also able to generate better financial analytics.
  • Boosted cash flow: Reduce outstanding receivables and get paid faster — it’s a win-win.

Want to learn more? Here are a few additional points to consider.

Provide Greater Convenience to Your Customers

When we added payment acceptance to our power dialer CRM, we created it with our clients in mind. Providing multiple payment options makes good sense. Some customers may want to pay by credit card, but others might prefer paying from their bank accounts using e-check or ACH transactions. We have you covered. Plus, you can set up recurring payments, which provides automated convenience for you and your customers.

Security You Can Count On

Handling financial information is a sensitive process. We understand that, which is why we support tokenization for credit card and ACH transactions. Tokenization is a pretty major buzz word in today’s online sales landscape — and for good reason. It takes your customer’s credit card or ACH information and transforms it into a token ID that’s generated randomly. That token ID is what gets stored in CRMDialer, enabling you to securely set up recurring payments without leaving information vulnerable to the prying eyes of criminals.

Speak Your Customer’s Language

When you’re dealing with online sales, you might come across customers who prefer to speak in another language or deal with a different currency. No problem. With CRMDialer, you can send customized receipts in your customer’s language of choice and send invoices in the currency you both prefer working with. That’s a level of service that will make your business shine.

Faster Payment

Time is money, right? With our payment collection system, you can get paid up to 300% faster by accepting your customers’ payment in real time. Even better, you can expect next-day funding with no hidden fees, licensing charges or sky-high processing rates.

And you get it all along with an amazing CRM with game-changing features like real-time visitor tracking, e-signatures, a built-in helpdesk, chat, email, SMS and so much more.

Visit CRMDialer today to scope out all the features we have to offer. Sign up for a demo to see for yourself, and then check out our unlimited users CRM account options. We’re confident we can help your business grow and prosper.