Power Dialer Basics for Startups and Small Inside-Sales Teams

Whether you’re a brand new startup just jumping into the fray for the first time, or you’re an existing small business setting up a new office or team, at some point, you’ll need to decide how to outfit your staff with communications technology. Phones are a big part of that decision, not only because of how important they are to your daily operations but also because of the potentially significant costs involved. Some businesses opt for traditional, office-wide, hardwired systems. Some companies opt to deck out their team with smartphones or to have employees bring their own phones to work in exchange for a subsidized phone bill. But one option that should be at the top of the list for most startups and small sales teams is cloud-based power dialer software – a perfect solution for many small businesses for a wide variety of reasons. 


The Benefits of Power Dialers for Startups

Power dialers are ideal systems for startups and small, lean teams because they punch above their weight-class when it comes to offering value for the dollar in three primary ways: their ability to deliver a wide range of features at a great price, their ability to eliminate costs associated with hardware and maintenance, and their ability to enhance sales and operations through advanced data capture. 

High Feature Accessibility

Bootstrapping is key for startup success, so maximizing bang-for-your-buck is a must. A power dialer is a great choice for startups and small teams because it provides access to a wide variety of features in a single, affordable package. For instance, the power dialer included with CRMDialer not only performs standard phone duties, it also provides a completely configurable IVR call routing system, round-robin distribution, customizable hold messages and music, the ability to perform local presence calling from an area code, and much more – all at no extra cost.

Elimination of Upfront Hardware Costs and Monthly Bills

One of the top benefits of going with a cloud-based power dialer is the complete elimination of the expensive hardware, maintenance, and high monthly bills associated with traditional business phone systems. A Cisco office phone system, for instance, requires expensive dedicated hardware and, for most small startups, outside IT services to maintain it all. With a cloud-based power dialer, all you need is a computer with an internet connection and a headset – two things every member of your team almost certainly already has at their desk.

Ease of Data Capture

Knowledge is power, especially when you’re just starting out. A power dialer – particularly one integrated with a customer resource management system – provides an enormous amount of data on your team’s calling activities – data that just isn’t available with traditional phone systems. Plugging that data into a CRM will provide your team with deep insights into your sales process, your individual employees’ performances, and what’s working on the phones and what isn’t. That kind of business intelligence is invaluable, and your ability to harness and utilize it represents a competitive advantage that can allow you to keep pace with much larger, more established competitors. 


Getting Setup with a Full-Featured Power Dialer

Cloud-based dialers are designed to be easy to set up and don’t even require that you have an existing number to port into the software, as most will allow you to purchase a local number right during configuration. Most systems can be set up by any technically-savvy user, and even advanced features like IVR call routing are often very straightforward to configure. 

But not all dialers are created equal, and a key decision you’ll have to make when getting set up with a new power dialer is what functionality you need and whether you want to go with a standalone system, multiple integrated pieces of software, or a complete business solution like a CRM-based power dialer. The direction you go will depend heavily on both the needs of your business and the software you already have available to you, but it’s important to choose wisely, as you’re far better off making the correct decision right off the bat than being faced with an untimely upgrade or migration in the near future. 

Stand-Alone Software:

A stand-alone dialer is an option for startups looking for a telephone solution only, and a number of good choices exist on the market, with PhoneBurner rand Five9 probably at the top of the list. The upside of these systems is that they do what they do well. The downside is that they only do one thing – a sub-ideal solution for startups on a tight budget. However, standalone dialers will provide all the calling features most businesses need for both inbound and outbound calling, along with a wide array of analytics. 

CRM-Based Dialers:

A far better option, however, is a CRM-based dialer that comes pre-integrated with customer resource management software. Many stand-alone dialers can be connected to external CRMs, but that represents a shoehorned solution that not only lacks in function but also requires two bills, driving up costs unnecessarily. Fully integrated software, like CRMDialer, provides all the features of a top-tier power dialer and all the features of a top-tier CRM, completely integrated by design, and at one, a highly affordable price. The result is that your startup can take care of your telephone system needs through the same platform you use for mission-critical CRM functions like lead management, sales tracking, document handling, payments, and much more. 

CRMDialer, for instance, integrates the power dialer with all areas of the customer resource management side of the platform. That means with each incoming or outgoing call, key data can be automatically captured into your CRM, including automatic creation of new lead accounts, automatic logging of each and every interaction, one-click call outcome notes, manual call notes, and more. It also means that when a member of your team is on the phone with a prospect or client, they can quickly and easily access the entirety of your stored information on that lead, all from right within the dialer, without ever needing to switch programs, manage multiple logins, or sift through unorganized data stores in inefficient external systems. 

Regardless of which way you go, the wide-feature set, low cost, and advanced analytics available through a power dialer are sure to offer your startup far more value than any standard office telephone system possibly can. If you think a CRM-based dialer might be the best solution for you, the team at CRMDialer would be happy to answer any questions you may have on the platform’s industry-leading power dialer or its complete set of sales and productivity features. Get in touch with a member of the team to schedule your free guided demonstration, or, better yet, start your no-commitment 14-day free trial of CRMDialer and start putting the best power dialer on the market to work today!