Solar Dialer Software – The Importance of Power Dialers in Solar Sales

A power dialer is an ideal tool for solar marketing because it enables your telemarketing team to not only greatly increase the volume of calls they make each day, but also to improve the quality of those calls – a one-two punch that has the potential to generate big returns in solar sales.  

Telemarketing is a volume-based game, and the more leads your agents can connect with, the more prospects they can begin moving through the sales funnel. A good power dialer like the one included in CRMDialer enables that volume boost with features like automated click-free dialing, the ability to launch calls instantaneously from within a lead’s account, one-click voicemail drop, one-click call outcome recording, and much more.

Call quality is improved thanks to the dialer’s ability to both pull key data from each call, but also to enable your team to access data on the fly, while they’re in the middle of the sales process. Whether they’re working from a script with a brand-new lead or delivering custom pitches to larger solar customers, that two-way data flow ensures a more refined, prospect-focused sales process. 


Convert Solar Leads Effortlessly

Not all power dialers offer the same level of sales enhancement, but CRM-enabled solar power dialers, like the one that comes with CRMDialer, can supercharge your lead conversion by tying your calling in seamlessly to your other business systems. In the case of CRMDialer, that means integrating your telephone system directly with your lead management, marketing, payment, and customer support systems.

From a sales perspective, that complete integration enables your team to significantly shorten the sales process in a few ways:

  • More customer-centric solar sales:
    Because CRMDialer automatically logs each and every interaction you have with a lead, there will never be any room for back-slipping in the sales process. Each call, email, or sales meeting will be built on complete information from the prior one, ensuring you never waste time going over the same things twice, you can maintain constant forward momentum, and you can use your deeper understanding of your prospects and their needs to offer more tailored, more effective solutions.

  • A vertically-integrated solar sales process:

    Because CRMDialer serves all of your company’s operational tasks through a single platform, you can offer a more unified sales process to your leads, taking care of each stage – from lead generation to payment to support – right through the CRM. For instance, with CRMDialer, you can handle the sales process over the phone, email your new customer any necessary documents right while they’re on the line, retrieve them fully digitally signed thanks to the platform’s eSignature capability, and take payment through CRMDialer’s built-in credit card and ACH payment system. It’s an end-to-end solution that reduces the number of contacts needed to close a deal, saving you time and driving up revenues. 


Solar sales is such a competitive industry that, even with the rapid growth in overall adoptions, new competition and rapidly shrinking margins mean your company needs to lean on any competitive advantage you can find. The ability to truncate the sales process and improve both your sales and your ongoing support make a power dialer an extremely effective, low barrier-to-entry, and affordable way to gain that edge on the competition.

If you’re ready to find out more about CRMDialer’s industry-leading power dialer, or any of the full suite of solar sales and productivity features it offers, sign up for a free guided demonstration with a member of the CRMDialer team, or start your free 14-day trial and dig in for yourself right away!