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  • Support Center Basics, CRM 101

    Support Center

    Customer service and support is a tough but rewarding business. You often walk the line between calming down frustrated (and sometimes angry) customers, solving issues and trying to be as efficient as possible. The hustle of a busy support center isn’t the only hurdle. Some of the other big challenges most support centers face include: […]

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  • Three Benefits of Integrating a Dialer With Your CRM

    Integrated Dialer

    Integrating a dialer with your CRM platform is an ideal way to streamline and grow your business. These systems are often integrated together because of the benefits they provide. The following are just a few benefits of having a dialer integrated with your CRM. It helps you get organized. By integrating your dialer system with […]

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  • The Benefits of Using an Integrated Dialer

    Integrated Dialer

    CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, allows businesses to form more personal relationships with customers, and in the long run increase sales. Using an integrated dialer with a CRM has many benefits to the company. Listed below are three reasons having a dialer coupled with the CRM will benefit your business. It can record calls to help […]

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